Exposed: Lawsuit Reveals Black Workers Endured Vile Racist Slurs, Company Failed to Prevent Rampant Bigotry

In a shocking revelation, a new lawsuit has brought to light the deeply troubling experiences of four black employees at TNT Crane & Rigging, one of the largest crane providers in the US. Here’s the full story.

An Unchecked and Hostile Workplace

The suit, filed by the US Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, alleges a pattern of racial discrimination and harassment, creating a hostile work environment that went unchecked by the company.

The lawsuit accuses TNT Crane & Rigging of allowing racial slurs and offensive language to invade the workplace, with employees Edwin Crayton, Lorenzo Smith, Freddie Campbell, and Jason Pradia reportedly enduring derogatory remarks from both colleagues and managers.

Insults and Slurs

In one instance, crane operator Lorenzo Smith was subjected to a racial slur by his field manager when he raised a concern.

The manager has said, “’N***** if you are going to b**** about it, you can turn that truck around and take your a** home.’”

Similarly, Edwin Crayton and Freddie Campbell shared their experiences of being subjected to racial slurs, with Campbell even overhearing colleagues referring to him in a derogatory manner.

The Management Did Nothing

Their attempts to seek resolution through management were met with ineffective responses, leaving them feeling unsupported.

Even newer employees were not spared from the discriminatory culture at TNT Crane & Rigging.

Jason Pradia, who joined the company as a rigger in 2019, was met with derogatory comments from a white colleague, perpetuating harmful stereotypes about black individuals.

The N Word

The white worker has said, “A lot of black people are f****** lazy. You’re different, you’re not like other n******. You work though; that’s what I like about you.”

The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission has unequivocally stated that TNT Crane & Rigging allowed a work environment to persist, filled with racist comments and imagery.

Several social media users shared their thoughts on the incident.

Not a Case of ‘Wokeness’

One user suggested, “Everyone in the workplace needs a thick skin. Black or white. Otherwise, you will constantly be looking for ways to be offended and complain about it.”

However another user had a broader response, commenting “And they say that this is not a “racist country”.”

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