Diversity-Hungry “Woke” Disney Is Going Plus-Sized but Is Their “Lazy Bit of Activism” Doomed to Flop?

Disney made the groundbreaking decision to cast a main character unlike any other in their latest short film, hoping to pave the way for diversity in animated films. But the reviews weren’t what they expected at all!

Body Dysmorphia 

Disney’s groundbreaking step into 2023 involved an unconventional main character in a new short film.

“Reflect,” highlights the journey of Bianca, a young ballet dancer who’s insecure about her body shape.

Body dysmorphia, a mental health condition, takes shape as one becomes overly concerned about how their body looks.

Bianca is now the first ever plus-sized main character in a Disney movie, highlighting the struggles of young people with body dysmorphia.

“Reflect,” which premiered on Disney’s streaming platform, showed Bianca’s remarkable transformation from doubt to self-assuredness.

Plus Size Disney Ballet Dancer

News of “Reflect” spreads like wildfire on social media platforms, igniting passionate reactions from fans.

“This plus size Disney ballet dancer will mean so much to so many people,” One user wrote on TikTok.

A Twitter user admitted that they couldn’t hold back the tears, “I saw this Disney short called Reflect and it emotionally tore me up,” They shared.

One Twitter user bravely shared her story, writing, “16 year old me needed this Disney short before I quit ballet because I didn’t want to be the fat girl in class anymore.”

“Too Woke”

Despite the love shown by the fans, the film itself unexpectedly received negative reviews for its “woke-ness.”

The Independent said that the plus-sized main character was a “Lazy bit of activism.”

Some called out Disney for being “Too Woke” in their new releases, but they quickly responded to their critics.

Disney CEO Bob Chapek emphasized the company’s commitment to diversity, “The world is a rich, diverse place, and we want our content to reflect that.”

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