Left on the Streets: He’s Not Buying His Homophobic Family’s Sudden Change of Heart

A young gay man got Redditors fired up when he refused to let his family use his vacation home. Funny how his lifestyle was OK with them when they needed something. Here is the full story.

Living Close to the Theme Park

OP owns a small condo in Orlando. He bought it while working at a nearby theme park and held onto it after he moved a few hours away for a new job.

After he left, OP’s roommate stayed in the place, with the understanding that OP and his partner could stay there whenever they were in town.

Since the area is expensive and a huge tourist attraction, OP also lets his friends stay there when they’re in town. They usually pay for utilities and clean up after themselves.

And, even though OP has had trouble with his immediate family over the years, their relationship is much better now.

So they also use the condo a few times a year.

Cut Out When He Came Out

But OP is not close with most of his extended family. And one aunt and uncle cut him out of their lives completely when they found out he was gay.

So it was a big surprise when OP’s old roommate called him in the middle of the night to let him know that aunt and uncle were pounding on the condo door.

They called the roommate the “caretaker” and demanded that he give them the keys. OP told his former roomie to have his aunt call him, but not to let them in under any circumstances.

Well, OP’s aunt called him, alright, and she gave him an earful.

She Wasn’t Welcome

The aunt told OP that the condo belonged to the family, and that she and her husband and kids had the right to stay there.

She even threatened to bring in the cops, telling OP it was unlawful for him to deny her entry.

But OP explained to his aunt that he was the one who owned the condo. He also told her that he let family and friends stay there sometimes, but that she wasn’t welcome.

The aunt tried to lay a guilt trip on OP by telling him they’d be in the streets for a week, but he just didn’t care.

Call the Cops!

While OP was still talking to his aunt, the former roommate texted his partner to say that the uncle was trying to kick in the door. OP told him to call the police.

Eventually, the aunt and uncle left, but OP’s mom called him the next day.

She admitted that she didn’t tell the family who owned the condo because she didn’t want them to know she was in contact with OP again.

That really hurt OP, and he told his mother she was no longer welcome to stay at the condo, either.

Begging for Help

But a couple days later, OP’s aunt called him again, begging for him to help. They hadn’t budgeted for a hotel, and they were about to run out of money.

She again laid on the guilt, telling OP that he was ruining the whole theme park experience for her small kids.

Since OP had worked for the park company, he knew how excited kids got to go there. And he also knew what a financial beating families took to make it happen.

It all left OP feeling conflicted. He was furious over his family’s ongoing homophobia, but he also felt bad for his small cousins.

Not Your Problem

Redditors have no problem with conflicted feelings, though, and fully support OP’s decision to ban his family from the condo.

They think it was a low blow for the aunt to bring her kids into the conversation in the first place.

And many suggest that if the mom feels so bad for the aunt and her family, she can pay for a place for them to stay.

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