“LGBTQ+ Anarchy” – Destruction of Pride Flag Leads to Major Incident – A Flood of Support and Rainbows!

One man was devastated to find his Pride flags and human rights flags had been torn apart, promising to get revenge in a viral TikTok video. His payback? Filling his garden with 600 pride flags in a dominant display of power.

Flags Torn Apart

TikTok user Addison, @addison.foskey, unveiled his ingenious response to a vile act of homophobia that saw his Pride flags and human rights sign torn down.

“To the person who stole our human rights sign and tore up our Pride flag, I have two words for you: wait and watch,” he declared boldly. 

“If one flag bothered you that much, you are going to hate me after this.”

The video showcased the heart-wrenching sight of two iconic rainbow flags torn from the earth. 

Curiosity ran high as TikTok users eagerly anticipated Addison’s countermove.

Huge Number of Replacement Flags

An outpouring of support on TikTok offered to provide replacement flags.

A follow-up video showed Addison’s revenge. 

Addison filled his yard with not just one or two Pride flags but an astonishing 600 rainbow flags all over his lawn.

The effort took “16-and-a-half hours labor” to accomplish.

Addison expressed heartfelt gratitude: “Thank you soooo much to everyone who participated, and a special thanks to all my wonderful donors and hard-working moderators! You guys rock!!!”

LGBTQ Anarchy

TikTokers shared messages of love and encouragement. 

One individual shared, “It was a pleasure to be your moderator. Thank you for doing this; I had a wonderful last couple of days. Love is love.”

Humor also found its place, with another follower playfully noting, “LGBTQ anarchy is my new favorite genre.”

A heartfelt sentiment read, “Thank you for your efforts and support to the LGBTQ+ community.”

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