“Liberal Women Are the Ugliest” – Brian Glenn Insists “Conservatives Are Better-Looking” – Has He Looked in a Mirror?

Right Side Broadcasting Network’s Brian Glenn, who is in a relationship with Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, took to the airwaves to launch a scathing attack on liberal women, labeling them as “the ugliest.” His controversial remarks have ignited anger and debate.

Republicans Are “Better-Looking”

This incident unfolded during a live broadcast just before former President Donald Trump’s campaign event in Iowa. “I believe that conservative and Republican people are better-looking people,” Glenn asserted.

He went on to paint a stark contrast, claiming that they are “happy” and “joyous” individuals who are “happy. They’re joyous. They exercise. They get outside. They enjoy the outdoors. They’re proud of themselves.”

His rhetoric took a sharp turn when he turned his focus to liberal women. “Liberals women tend to be some of the ugliest women I’ve ever seen,” Glenn boldly declared.

“Half of Them Look Like Men” 

He didn’t stop there, delving into harsh criticisms of their appearance, saying, “I mean, zero makeup… well, they wanna be men. They take no pride in their dress, their attire, their makeup, their haircut. Half of them look like men. Hairy armpits, hairy legs. Come on. That is not embracing what it means to be a woman. They have demonized what it means to be a woman.”

He further expressed his dismay by comparing liberal women unfavorably to Christina Bobb, asserting, “They don’t dress like you, they dress like they’re homeless…In all fairness, seriously, it’s because they’re unhappy; that’s what’s making them so ugly.”

Outrage Erupts 

These derogatory comments have sparked widespread condemnation and reignited debates about the role of gender and political affiliations in public discourse.

Critics have lambasted Glenn’s remarks as sexist, highlighting the need for respectful dialogue in political spheres.

One user of X, formerly Twitter, replied to Glenn, saying, “It was uncomfortable listening to that. I don’t need to hear any reporter’s personal opinions on women’s looks. Please, just report the details of the facts you are reporting on.”

Glenn’s remarks come amid heightened tensions and divisive rhetoric in American politics. 

Glenn Loses It

Representative Greene, Glenn’s partner, has herself been at the center of numerous controversies, including advocating for a national divorce between red and blue states and expressing intentions to draft a declaration of war against Mexican cartels.

Glenn’s comments, however, have pushed the boundaries of political discourse, touching upon sensitive issues related to gender, appearance, and ideology. 

This incident occurred just days after another noteworthy episode involving Brian Glenn. During Donald Trump’s visit to California, a heckler in the crowd taunted the former president with a jab, asking, “Why is there only 100 people here? I thought you were popular?” 

Without hesitation, Glenn shouted, “This guy’s an idiot, President Trump! I’m going to throw his ass out of here!” He promptly had the man ejected from the rally.

Bipartisan Criticism

In response to the incident, individuals across party lines have called for a reevaluation of the tone and language used in political discussions.

Many argue that such derogatory comments only serve to deepen divisions and hinder productive conversations about the pressing issues facing the nation.

As discussions surrounding Glenn’s rant continue to circulate, only time will tell whether this incident will impact the public’s perception of Marjorie Taylor Greene for better or worse.

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