Lost at Sea or Just Lost Her Way? The Jet Ski Misadventure That Had the Beach in Stitches!

After a brief ride, Amelia declared herself an expert at using the jet ski. Perhaps sensing Ameliae’s overconfidence, her cousin emphasized a crucial safety rule: no one should venture more than 200 yards from the shore unless another jet ski rider accompanied them. This seemed like a reasonable and necessary precaution to everyone, especially Maeve.

She Propelled the Jet Ski Directly Out Into the Ocean!

However, when it came to her sister’s ride, she decided that she knew better! Ignoring her cousin’s warning, instead of cruising along the coastline, she turned around and propelled the jet ski directly out into the ocean!

She was gaining speed and distance with every passing second, as were Maeve’s eyes – slowly widening with shock and awe as her sister barrelled away!

Their cousin was busy filling up the second jet ski and yelled out, trying to get her attention and warn her, but the roar of the jet ski and the waves drowned out his pleas. Amelia just kept racing out into the ocean.

Maeve’s cousin got in the water, but he was having trouble getting the second jet ski started, and by then, her sister was a tiny spot way out on the water!

Her Mother Dialed 911 for the Coast Guard

He never did get the second jet ski started.

They could still spy Ameliae from the beach, but she wasn’t moving and looked stranded amidst the vast expanse of blue. Anxiety gripped everyone, and in panic, their mother dialed 911 for the Coast Guard.

After what felt like an eternity (but was probably closer to an hour), relief washed over the family as they spotted a Coast Guard boat bobbing toward the last known direction of Ameliae.

Upon their return, twenty minutes later, the sight of Ameliae, wrapped in a blanket and sobbing that she was the most afraid she’d ever been because she was “lost at sea,” brought about a mixture of relief, concern, and Maeve, disbelief.

“A Navigation Error Caused Me To Lose Sight of Land”

Maeve’s mom took Ameliae into their vacation home, made her soup and tea, and listened to her woes all afternoon.

Ameliae finally exited her room and wanted to hold court about her traumatic experience. With everyone gathered around, Ameliae began to recount her ordeal.

When she said the words, “A navigation error caused me to lose sight of land,” Maeve couldn’t help but let out a huge laugh.

This was a proper laugh, straight from the belly – probably the hardest laugh that Maeve has ever had. She wiped away tears, thinking, “It wasn’t a navigation error, it was her being a dumb ass.”

“I Almost Died!”

But Ameliae, surprisingly, did not find it funny. She swore at Maeve and screamed, “I almost died!” but this only made Maeve laugh all the harder.

Annoyed, Ameliae slammed her coffee on the table and stormed off, leaving the family staring accusingly at Maeve.

Maeve’s mother felt that Maeve owed Ameliae an apology for downplaying her “trauma,” but Maeve remained conflicted.

Was she wrong to find humor in a situation that could have turned tragic? She turned to Reddit to see what they thought.

She’s the Perfect Candidate for the “Darwin Awards”

The overriding sentiment from the community was one of amusement mixed with disbelief. A majority voiced the opinion, echoing Maeve’s initial reaction, that while relieved that Ameliae was safe, her antics were undeniably funny.

One individual humorously said that Ameliae was a perfect candidate for the “Darwin awards” (a tongue-in-cheek award for the most idiotic death), while another shared their surprise and disbelief that Ameliae would blame her situation on a “navigational error” instead of admitting her mistake.

“I’d Be Making “Lost at Sea” Jokes Every Time She Got Distracted in the Next 10+ Years!”

There was a common sentiment that the ocean should always be treated with respect, noting its unforgiving nature. Others told Maeve to just wait, as they were sure this incident would soon become a longstanding family joke!

One user said, “I laughed through this whole story and then told my family about it, and they all laughed, too. How do you not laugh? “A navigation error caused me to lose sight of land.” I mean, come on!” Another user joked, “I’d be making “lost at sea” jokes every time she got distracted in the next 10+ years!”

Do you think Maeve was too mean? What would you have done in Amelia‘s shoes?

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