Lottery Winner Pressured by Devout Mother’s Insistence: The Lord Giveth and the ‘Parents Looking to Fund Retirement’ Taketh Away

A young woman stirred up Redditors when she revealed that her parents wanted to take her lottery winnings. They thought they had a most divine reason for their demand. Here is the whole story.

Short of Spare Time and Money

OP is a 23-year-old woman who lives at home with her parents and three younger siblings.

Because she spent so much time helping out and working a job, OP didn’t do well in high school. So, she decided to just skip college.

Now, OP works at a convenience store close to home. She also works a second job alongside her mom at a local dollar store.

OP gives most of her paycheck to her parents to help with bills. She also saves about $100 a week, leaving her just a little spending money.

The Thrill of the Scratch

One of the things OP likes to splurge on is lottery tickets. She doesn’t buy them all the time but does enjoy the thrill of some scratch-off tickets now and then.

OP’s parents are very religious and think lottery tickets are both a waste of time and evil. But OP has no vices, so she plans to keep enjoying her scratch-offs.

Not only does OP have fun with her tickets, they actually pay off for her.

A Decent Payout

Recently, OP won a decent amount of money through the lottery. It’s not millions or anything, but it’s enough that she’ll receive a weekly payout for 20 years.

Because she knows things can go south fast for lottery winners, OP went to the bank right away.

They helped her find a lawyer and financial planner, and OP got her things in order.

Plans to Support Siblings

Now, she’s put aside some money for her younger siblings’ college. And she has $5000 to give to her brother for his upcoming wedding.

Other than that, OP has kept a low profile about her windfall. But she did make one big mistake.

Wanting to do something nice for her siblings, OP bought them a Switch and some games.

When her mom saw the expensive gifts, she first scolded OP for dipping into her savings.

Mom Smells Cash

But when OP told her she didn’t touch her savings, Mom wanted to know more.

OP didn’t plan to tell her parents about her money, but her mom kept pushing and pushing.

Finally, OP felt she had no choice, so she told her mom about winning the lottery.

When she heard the news, OP’s mom said that the money was a gift from heaven. She said her daughter needed to give it to the church.

Pay Up or Get Out

OP does go to church, but she’s not really a believer. And she definitely does not want to give up her winnings as a donation.

When OP told her mom she would not give her money away, the older woman told her to move out.

So that’s what OP did, first moving into a motel, then buying a little apartment of her own.

Hounded for Handouts

Now, OP’s mother is harassing her, saying that she needs that money to retire. When OP refuses to cough it up, her mother says she’s selfish.

Even worse, OP’s mom has told all their family and friends about the money, and now they’re all hounding OP, too.

With everyone telling her she’s an awful person for not sharing her winnings, OP wonders if she should just give in. But she has plans for the future and really wants to hang onto her money.

A Divine Plan for Escape?

Redditors overwhelmingly support OP in her refusal to give up her money. They think her mom is way out of line for demanding that her daughter give her any money at all.

Some even turn the mom’s words against her and say maybe the money is from God, after all, so that OP can get away from home.

Others think OP made a big mistake by telling her mom about the money in the first place. They advise her to get as far away as possible.

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