Love, Lies, and Surgery – Woman’s Secret Infertility Shatters Engagement and Sparks Family Feud

Three years ago, Miley, a 34-year-old career-oriented woman, met Liam, a year older than her, on a dating app. The connection was immediate. But a recent conversation shook the foundations of their relationship and led to questions about understanding, trust, and assumptions.

She Had Her Fallopian Tubes Removed

Five years before meeting Liam, Miley had made a huge life decision. At 15, she knew she never wanted to experience childbirth, and that conviction never wavered.

So, when she was 26, she had her fallopian tubes removed. Although open to loving a child that might come into her life, she wasn’t looking to become a mother by giving birth.

Miley mentioned this in her dating profile, using the exact words “child-free and infertile.”

When Miley and Liam began dating, he often referenced specific parts of her profile, leading Miley to believe he’d read and understood that she was “child-free and infertile.”

Her Dating Profile Said “Child-Free and Infertile”

However, they never explicitly discussed it, which is where the issue begins.

One evening, Liam suggested Miley consider going off birth control. He thought that with their current age, it seemed fitting for them to have children – especially now that they were engaged.

Miley, taken aback, burst into laughter, thinking he was joking.

However, Liam was immediately frustrated and asked why she thought his request was funny. Miley reminded him that the second line of her dating profile said “child-free and infertile.”

She DIDN’T Want Children

This was NOT what Liam expected to hear – he was shocked and furious.

He lashed out, shouting at Miley and calling her a liar! Luckily, Miley knew she had an old screenshot of her dating profile that she’d sent to a curious friend, which she quickly found and showed to Liam.

The evidence was right there: she had been open about her decision. She told Liam about her surgical procedure, clarifying that pregnancy was a distant dream without medical interventions like IVF.

While IVF was possible, Miley had no intention of pursuing it due to the strain it could put on her body.

“You Are a Monster”

Liam’s reaction was quick. He stormed out. Soon after, Miley was blasted with phone calls from Liam’s family. His mother called her, in tears, accusing Miley of ruining Liam’s life!

His sister sent her a long message, saying that it should be illegal for a woman to get her tubes tied and calling Miley a monster for “stringing along” Liam.

Miley was no stranger to Liam’s family’s judgments. They were more traditional than she was. They’d always suggested she was unsuitable for Liam due to her curvier physique despite her active lifestyle.

A cousin of Liam’s also let slip that the family didn’t like that she was a successful woman in a male-dominated profession.

“You’ve Stolen Years of His Life”

She earned more than Liam, but they shared household responsibilities equally – another source of conflict.

Because of this, Miley usually wouldn’t take what they said seriously.

However, this time was different. Liam’s family thought that she had stolen years of his life and ruined any chance of him becoming a dad by “lying” about her fertility status. Now she was starting to feel bad.

Liam asked for space after the confrontation, leaving Miley alone with her feelings. While she loved Liam, this event and his family’s extreme reaction started giving her serious second thoughts about the relationship.

Puzzled That the Issue of Children Had Never Come Up

She realized they should have discussed it all before, but now she wondered if she mishandled the situation. Was she a jerk for “lying” to Liam about having kids and then laughing in his face when he brought it up?

She had to ask Reddit’s opinion.

Redditors overwhelmingly sided with Miley. While most were puzzled that the issue of children had never come up in conversation, they still thought that she’d appropriately acted in the moment and were critical of Liam’s family’s actions.

Armchair Psychiatrists

A few armchair psychiatrists felt that his decision to involve his family without providing the full story showed that he couldn’t communicate effectively and take responsibility.

One user said, “You won’t be “fat” once you shed this 250lb mommy’s boy and his toxic family. Consider this preview of your future life as his personal baby incubator to be a bullet dodged. Not the jerk. RUN!”

But what do you think? Is Miley dodging a bullet? Or was she in the wrong for never having brought up kids in a conversation before? Let us know what you think in the comments.

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