Loved-up Guy’s World Turned Upside Down When He Found Out His Girlfriend Was Cheating On Him Through Her Secret Blog

This guy had been seeing a girl for months and was even happy enough to tell his friends about her. One day he stumbled across her secret online blog by using a photo search engine, and he found out that she had met someone on the bus shortly after their date, going as far as kissing him! 

He Was Interested in a Serious Relationship

A recent date took a dramatic turn after an astonishing blog revelation.

This guy, James, told his date that he didn’t want something casual and was interested in a serious relationship.

The couple had been seeing each other for a few months and had their most recent meetup just a few days before.

Feeling optimistic about the relationship, James excitedly shared the news with friends the next day.

His Friends Started Asking Questions

Curiosity got the better of James’ friends, and they started asking questions about the girl, her hobbies, and her talents.

Eager to showcase Sophie’s artistic skills, the person tried to find a website or blog to display her impressive artwork.

Without thinking, he resorted to a reverse image search of a drawing the partner had sent them.

To their shock, they stumbled upon a personal blog that belonged to Sophie.

They Stumbled Across Her Revealing Personal Blog

The secret blog was never shared with them and was not under Sophie’s name.

But it revealed a recent post where minutes after their last date, Sophie met someone on a bus, passionately kissed them, and expressed excitement about it.

Despite feeling hurt, James kept his composure and told friends they found nothing worth mentioning.

When Sophie returned home, James decided to be honest with her about what they had seen.

She Kissed Another Man

He shared that reading the post had hurt his feelings, although he acknowledged that he shouldn’t have seen it in the first place.

Sophie was upset and felt violated by the invasion of privacy. They had further discussions the following day, but it didn’t go well.

Both parties felt regret and sadness as they grappled with their own mistakes.

Eventually, they mutually decided to end the relationship, with each side blaming the other.

He Still Likes Her and Wishes He Could Make It Work

Could this be a case of two wrongs not making a right?

James is asking Reddit for advice since he still likes the girl and wishes he could make it work, and users swiftly gave their opinions.

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