“Major Networks Are Sick and Tired of Your Slander”: Trump Insists the US Has “RIGGED ELECTIONS, AND RIGGED TELEVISION!”

Former President Donald Trump has once again taken to social media to express his displeasure with Fox News and criticize Florida Governor Ron DeSantis in the process. Here’s the whole story.


In a series of posts on Truth Social, Trump unleashed his thoughts on the network’s coverage of his potential 2024 presidential rival.

In his initial post on Thursday, September 14, Trump launched a scathing attack on DeSantis, saying, “Not only is DeSanctimonious looking to destroy your Social Security, including moving the minimum age to 70, and your Medicare, but today he had a killer story in the Washington Post talking about his really bad spending habits.”

He’s Everywhere

“He’s gone, yet Fox has him all over the place, even on [Sean] Hannity last night. They’ve actually picked another candidate, they just don’t know who it is yet … Ratings Freefall! I’m America First, so it will never be me!” he added.

In a subsequent post, Trump shifted the conversation to his standing in the polls, saying, “Best polls Ever, but rarely shown on television. Leading by 50 and 60 points. Just like they don’t like showing our big Rally CROWDS, they don’t like showing our GREAT POLL NUMBERS.”

Rigger Elections

Concluding his social media tirade, Trump made a bold claim, writing, “WE HAVE RIGGED ELECTIONS, AND RIGGED TELEVISION!”

This latest critique from Trump comes amid ongoing tensions between the former president and Fox News, a network that once served as a staunch supporter of his presidency.

However, Fox News and DeSantis were not Trump’s only targets.

“Not Old, He’s Incompetent”

In a new interview on “The Megyn Kelly Show,” Trump was asked if Biden, 80, was “too old to be president.”

Trump questioned the Democrat’s intelligence and said, “No, not for the reason of ‘old’ because I have many friends that are in their 80s. I have friends – Bernie Marcus – that are in their 90s and they’re sharp as a tack. I mean, I would say just about what they used to be. No, not old, he’s incompetent. He’s not too old, he’s incompetent.”

“You look at some of the great world leaders, they were in their 80s… So many people, they were phenomenal in their 80s. There’s great wisdom if you’re not in a position like him. But if you go back 25 years, he wasn’t in the sharpest tack either,” Trump added.

Sick and Tired of Slander

Several social media users shared their thoughts on the incident.

One user wrote, “This man has some serious issues.”

Another user added, “The major networks are sick and tired of your slander against them.”

A third user commented, “They should change their job description from “reporter” to “rigger.” The more you dig, the more they rig. But then again, they are just chasing fake Award nights, not the truth!!!”

Playing the Opposite Game?

A fourth user wrote, “EVERY time he loses he says he won. Every time he has bad numbers he says he has the best numbers… Every time he makes sketchy phone calls he says they were perfect phone calls… I’m starting to think maybe he never admits when he’s not perfect.”

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