‘Male’ Muslim Dad Takes a Stand as He Opposes ‘Gender-Mutilating Surgery’ and Demands Parental Rights in Maryland Schools

In Maryland, a Muslim father, Kareem Monib, a father of four sons, has taken a stand against what he views as the imposition of gender ideology in classrooms. Here’s the whole story.

“Gender-Mutilating Surgery”

The controversy began when the Maryland House of Delegates voted to allocate state funding for “gender-affirming treatments,” a term that Monib strongly opposes, referring to it as “gender-mutilating surgery.”

“I was following that, and I was very concerned about what was happening in the country on this issue and the spread of gender ideology and the impact that that was having on kids,” he said.

Concerned about the growing influence of gender ideology in education, Monib co-founded the Coalition of Virtue in March, an organization composed of American Muslims and members of other faith communities.

Their mission is to promote values grounded in Islamic tradition while strategically collaborating with other faith groups to uphold societal virtue.

“Family Life and Human Sexuality”

In June, Monib and the Coalition of Virtue organized a high-profile interfaith rally attended by 250 Muslim, Jewish, and Christian parents in front of the Montgomery County school board.

Their primary demand was the right to opt their children out of curriculum content related to gender and sexuality.

Maryland law stipulates that schools must allow parents to review all instructional materials before they are used, allowing parents to withdraw their children from any or all “Family Life and Human Sexuality” classes.

However, this opt-out policy does not extend to other classes where LGBTQ+ content may be integrated.

Influence of Gender Ideology

Monib argues that this extension is a “small ask” by parents who are concerned about the influence of gender ideology on their children’s education.

However, their movement has faced backlash, including allegations of collaborating with “White supremacists.”

Monib and other parents rejected these labels, highlighting the diverse makeup of parents attending local rallies, including Ethiopian Orthodox Christians, Muslims, and Christians of various ethnic backgrounds.

Monib describes the association with White supremacists as “ridiculous” and contends that such accusations indicate a lack of substantive arguments against their cause.

“Sacred Law, Depends on a Normative Understanding of Two Sexes”

He said, “One thing I’ve learned from this is that if people of faith do get together, it’s actually quite easy, and it’s quite powerful, and it’s something that I think should have been done a long time ago.”

The Becket Fund for Religious Liberty represents several Muslim and Christian families in their legal efforts to reinstate the opt-out policy.

A federal judge recently denied their request for a temporary injunction, prompting the pursuit of an emergency temporary injunction as an alternative legal recourse.

“Ninety percent of our religious law, our sacred law, depends on a normative understanding of two sexes,” Monib said.

There Is No Such Thing as Two Sexes?

“So, when you teach our kids that there is no such thing as two sexes, they can’t understand anything, their religion, it doesn’t make any sense to them. So, it is a clear indoctrination,” he added.

Several social media users shared their thoughts on the incident.

One user wrote, “Probably the only time I will agree with him, But this school district has no right to force what should be an optional topic, This makes me wonder about the minds of these school officials,”

“Indoctrinators of Ignorance NOT MY FAMILY!”

Another user added, “Yes finally someone willing to tell these indoctrinators of ignorance NOT MY FAMILY! We got to confront this head on… and TBH it’s nice to see Christian Catholics, Muslims, Jews, standing up together on this.”

A third user commented, “Who would have thought that there would be a topic that would unite Muslims and Christians.”

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