Man Taunts Vegan Protesters by Devouring a Super Burger in Their Face, Igniting a TikTok Firestorm!

A TikTok video has caused a massive uproar as a prankster devours a meaty burger in front of a group of furious vegan activists, causing outrage from the protestors in a chaotic viral video. However, the guy wasn’t phased as he continued to chow down on the beef as the vegans questioned him.

Protesters Were Holding Animal Cruelty Signs

The clip, posted by Jordan Adams, @yourajokeman, shows him fearlessly chowing down on the enormous super burger while surrounded by protesters wearing masks and holding signs against animal cruelty.

The video quickly grabbed attention as Adams daringly accepted the challenge of eating the colossal burger right before the vegan activists.

As the prank unfolded, the vegan protesters responded with sarcasm and disapproval.

One protester sarcastically commented, “He’s such a funny guy, isn’t he?” and added, “You sure like your jokes, huh?”


Tensions rose when another activist pointed out Adams’ littering, reminding him it’s against the law.

The situation intensified as a third activist confronted the prankster, calling his actions “pathetic.”

Behind the camera, the person filming argued that promoting meat-eating should be accepted just like the vegans promote their cause.

Since its upload, the TikTok video has received over six million views, sparking a fierce debate among users.

“There’s No Need for That – Super Disrespectful”

Opinions are divided, with some finding the prank funny while others strongly condemn it as disrespectful and insensitive.

“There’s no need for that – super disrespectful.” One viewer argues.

One user simply couldn’t understand the fuss, “Why are vegans pressed about someone eating a burger.”

Concerns About His Littering

“What a legend,” one user remarks.

Some users were rightly concerned about the littering that occurred halfway through the video, “Was jokes till you started littering.”

Get involved in this fiery debate by letting us know your thoughts in the comments. Was the guy out of line? We want to hear from you.

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