Man Tries Bench Press, Gets a Face-Squat Instead – When Workouts Turn Into Close Encounters!

One guy was innocently using the gym bench when he got an unsuspecting surprise from a girl behind him in this awkward gym encounter. While filming himself lifting weights in his Ugg boots, the man was stunned when a girl behind him went for a squat, landing directly on his face!

“I Was Just Trying to Film My Set in a New Gym, and Then This Happened…”

Get ready to cringe! A TikTok user, Samuel Stratis, shared a video that captured a mortifying incident at the gym.

In the clip, Stratis finds himself in an embarrassing encounter with an unfamiliar woman.

Stratis wrote, “I was just trying to film my set in a new gym, and then this happened…”

As the video begins, Stratis is lifting weights; little did he know that this ordinary workout would take a bizarre turn.

She Accidentally Squatted on His FACE!

Out of nowhere, a woman squats down, accidentally landing right on Stratis’ face!

Both of them immediately react with shock, standing straight to break the awkward tension.

In an attempt to diffuse the uncomfortable situation, the woman quickly walks away without offering an apology.

With over 10 million views, this cringe encounter has made its mark online.

“That’s What U Get for Wearing Ugg boots…total Warmth. LOL”

Some wondered how such an incident could happen with perfect timing, “The way she acted like nothing happened, and you couldn’t see her. I wouldn’t believe it if it wasn’t recorded.”

Other users were confused at his choice of gym attire, “that’s what U get for wearing UGG boots…total warmth 💁‍♀️lol.”

One user hilariously commented, “And that’s how I met your mother” referencing the popular TV show, “How I Met Your Mother”

Did this incident cringe you out? Maybe you have some awkward gym encounters you’d like to share. Let us know in the comments!

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