Man’s Attempt to FAT SHAME a Woman on Flight Backfires as Twitter readers Rally in Her Support!

A recent incident on Twitter showcased the unexpected power of social media users uniting to combat the toxic behavior of a man. Here’s what happened.

His Tweet Reached Over 14 Million Views

The story began when Elijah Schaffer, a Twitter user, shared a photo of a woman seated in a flight’s window seat, asking others about their reactions if they were assigned a seat next to her.

Schaffer’s original post read, “You got to get into your assigned middle seat and see this, what do you do/say?”

His tweet quickly gained traction, reaching over 14 million views. However, rather than the anticipated wave of body shaming, most comments expressed support and stood against such hurtful behavior.

Social media users came forward to share their own experiences, while others raised valid points, suggesting that the woman may have already booked both seats for her comfort, rendering the situation moot.

“I’ve Been Obese Before, and Trust Me, She’s Embarrassed Enough as It Is”

A user shared their own experience and commented, “Was once my reality – I had to sit next to a large woman for a two-hour fight a few years back. She ended up being one of the nicer people I’ve met and was very apologetic to me for the situation. Lucky for me my wife (a much smaller person) was sitting on the other side of me, so it all worked out.”

One user wrote, “Just sit down and mind your own business like you would on any other flight. I’ve been obese before, and trust me, she’s embarrassed enough as it is.”

Another user shared their opinion that people of a larger size should pay extra or buy an additional seat to ensure comfort and fairness.

Many users defended the woman, emphasizing that she should not be objectified or shamed for her appearance, as she is a person with feelings and emotions.

“Incredibly Disrespectful… FAT SHAMING”

One user wrote, “Incredibly disrespectful. Maybe some people have a disorder or a health problem… Even thought of that? Before “FAT SHAMING” an innocent woman and others.”

Further, there were speculations that the woman in the photo was a travel vlogger who always buys or requests an extra seat when flying, adhering to airline regulations and displaying responsible behavior.

A third Twitter user named wrote, “Taking a picture of someone to make fun of online is just unnecessarily cruel. At the same time, it’s not fair to people who paid for a seat to have to potentially spend hours squished this way. ”

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