Man’s ‘Foolproof’ Size Test for Dates Gets a Standing Ovation… Oh Wait, No It Doesn’t!

One TikToker has been shown huge praise for biting back at a cruel TikTok video where a man confesses he has a way of testing whether the girl he has brought home is the correct size for him.

“I Make All the Girls That I Bring Home Walk Through This”

Fin Hamilton unleashed his brilliance by creating a stitch of a video posted by the enigmatic influencer Esteban.

The original video showcased Esteban bragging about a particular test he subjects women to.

Esteban walks down a corridor and says, “I make all the girls that I bring home walk through this.”

With a pause before squeezing through a narrow doorway, he adds, “Because if they don’t fit through this, then they probably shouldn’t be coming home with me.”

He Was Bombarded With Complaints and Criticisms

Hamilton’s response to Esteban’s claim became an instant hit, surpassing the original video’s views with a staggering 15 million views.

Hamilton delivers a blow, stating, “At least you fit through it, right? So you’ve always got the option to…” before delivering a devastating expletive.

After posting the original video, Esteban found himself bombarded with complaints and criticisms for his offensive remarks.

In a retaliatory move, he allegedly unleashed a series of his comebacks in a deleted video response.

“​​This Is Perfect, and I Love You for Posting!!”

Users flooded the comments section to support Hamilton, who fights against fat phobia in his video.

“​​This is perfect, and I love you for posting!!” Exclaims one user.

If you enjoyed Hamilton’s response as much as us, let us know in the comments!

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