Marin Katusa Net Worth, Biography, Career (Latest)

Author Marin Katusa, has been named by the New York Times as a best-selling author. Besides managing hedge funds, Marin is the founder and CEO of Katusa Research. An experienced value investor and contrarian, he specializes in the resource sector.

Katusa’s entry into the resource sector in 2003 began with the tungsten market, which required extensive financing. Moreover, together with Rich Rule and Doug Casey, he has set up a number of funds.

NameMarin Katusa
Twitter Account@KatusaResearch
Marin Katusa Net Worth$1 Billion (Last Updated 2021)
Marital statusMarried

Marin Katusa Net Worth

The net worth of Marin Katusa exceeds $1 billion, and his profession provides him with a good income.

Marin Katusa Biography

Founder and chairman of Katusa Research, Marin Katusa is an investor, author, and hedge fund manager from Canada. A native of Vancouver, he grew up in an immigrant family.

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Marin earned a Bachelor of Science degree, as well as a Bachelor of Education degree from the University of British Columbia.

Eventually, he found work teaching calculus in Vancouver at the Fraser Academy. Then he moved to the university to teach calculus.

To share his ideas with others, he also set up an investment club.


Having started from scratch, Marin built an enormous fortune through successful investments. Over the course of his career, he has been a board member of a public company, arranged financings of over $2 billion, and written two New York Times bestsellers, The Colder War and The Rise of America.

Marin’s insights have appeared in The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, CNBC, and Bloomberg. He has traveled to more than 100 countries and visited more than 500 resource projects.

While some financial firms accept payment from companies to cover them, Marin’s company, Katusa Research, does not do so. It specializes in helping individuals learn how to make sense of the complex investment world. Toward that end, they’ve developed a wealth of educational materials that can assist anyone in becoming a better, smarter investor.

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Marin Katusa Heart Attack

Marin Katusa underwent quadruple bypass surgery after suffering a heart attack. Katusa was 33 years old when he had the attack.