Marjorie Taylor Greene’s Shocking Ultimatum – ‘Impeach Biden or Face Government Shutdown!’ – Is Democracy on a Precarious Edge?

Georgia Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene has never been one to shy away from controversy, and her recent demands have ignited an online firestorm. Here’s what happened.

Impeachment of President Joe Biden?

In a move to secure her vote and avert a government shutdown, Greene called for the impeachment of President Joe Biden and the dismantling of federal prosecutions against former President Donald Trump.

The stage for this political showdown was set when Speaker of the House Kevin McCarthy hinted at the possibility of an impeachment inquiry into President Biden and his family back in July.

Greene’s demands were made public during a town hall event in Floyd County, Georgia, where she addressed a passionate audience.

Greene said, “I’ve already decided I will not vote to fund the government unless we have passed an impeachment inquiry on Joe Biden.”

“I’m Not Going To Continue to Fund the Biden Regime’s Weaponized Government”

She continued, “I will not fund the government because I will not fund the weaponized part of the government. I’m not going to continue to fund the Biden regime’s weaponized government.

So there should be no funding for Jack Smith. Special Counsel. We had to fire David Weiss, who is protecting Hunter Biden on his special counsel. And we have to rein in the FBI. I will not vote for money to go towards those things.”

Her objections extended to various issues, including mask and vaccine mandates and the ongoing COVID-19 response.

“I will not vote for a continuing resolution that funds mask mandates, vaccine mandates, and COVID. Because that is over. Joe Biden even declared that it was over,” she said.

“My Red Line in the Sand Has Always Been, I Will Not Vote to Fund a War in Ukraine. We Have To Have Peace”

Another contentious aspect of Greene’s demands is her refusal to fund a war in Ukraine.

“And lastly, my red line in the sand has always been, I will not vote to fund a war in Ukraine. We have to have peace,” she added.

Greene also emphasized her willingness to work with her colleagues, provided they meet her demands.

She made it clear that she views herself as a representative of the people, saying, “I thought it was most important for me to tell you all first because I work for you. And that’s what we have to do.”

“She’s Too Stupid To Realize That She’s Threatening the Entire Nation, Making Her a Terrorist”

Several social media users expressed their thoughts on the incident.

One user wrote, “Go ahead and do it!  It will prove the American Fascist Party is against the United States and for PUTIN.”

Another user added, “She’s too stupid to realize that she’s threatening the entire nation, making her a terrorist.”

A third user commented, “Joe needs to go, he should resign or be impeached immediately regarding “ill-begotten gains” when he spoke of another person’s corruption.”

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