Mark King Trayvax Net Worth, Biography, Career (Updated)

Mark King is the CEO and founder of Trayvax, a company that manufactures slim metal wallets and equipment for the outdoors. The company has an estimated annual revenue of more than $1 million.

Full NameMark King
Trayvax Founded 2013
Trayvax wallet cost $84
Mark King Trayvax Net Worth$1 Milion

Mark King Biography

As a child, Mark King lived in Annapolis, Maryland, where his father was a leadership instructor at the Naval Academy and later a captain of a nuclear submarine. Mark moved to Bainbridge Island, a small community just a ferry ride from Seattle. He was eight when his family moved across the world. Mark spent his school years experimenting with electronics, building an electric car, earning the Eagle Scout honor, and earning his first patent before he turned 18. 

He sold his invention, which he called an “organoleptic analysis machine”, to General Mills for the purpose of testing the granola bar preservatives’ life spans after high school while studying machining at Bellingham Technical College. Trayvax Enterprises was the first company Mark launched from the funds earned from that experience. Mark gave a TEDx talk on taking on big projects during the company’s genesis in the New York Times

Trayvax Enterprises now employs 31 people and sells upwards of 90,000 products globally. In Mark King’s view, it’s essential to create an entrepreneurial culture that is centered on personal accountability and lean management, which enables a portion of profits to go towards solving global water challenges.

About Traywax

The Trayvax wallet is made of aircraft aluminum and is RFID resistant. Made to last a lifetime, it is light, multifunctional, versatile.

Mark King founded Trayvax in 2013. Mark developed a product to reduce the amount of plastic bags waste. After many prototypes and revisions, what started as a plastic bag carrier has become a Trayvax wallet; the first of its kind in the world. Trayvax wallets are built from the highest quality materials and made, by hand, right here in the USA. All wallets, metal or not, are designed to withstand the toughest conditions and offer the most utility of any wallet on the market.

Mark used to make Trayvax wallets by hand and powder coat aluminum faceplates in a countertop oven just a few years ago. Currently, Trayvax employs over 30 people who assemble, package, and ship hundreds of wallets each day. 

What does a Trayvax wallet cost?

The price, at $84 is a bit high, but the benefits – durability and RFID protection – make it worthwhile.

What is the production time for a Trayvax wallet?

Each wallet is built by hand by Trayvax, and they do their best to fulfill orders and ship them as soon as possible. If standard shipping is selected, orders will be processed within one to five working days after payment is received.