Marriage Destroyed by Infertility – Remarried and Expecting a Baby, How Would His Ex React?

An expectant father took to Reddit for opinions after he showed up at a party with his pregnant wife. His infertile ex was none too happy to see either of them. Here is the whole story.

Newly Weds

OP is a 35-year-old man who has been married to his pregnant 32-year-old wife for just a few months.

While OP is thrilled that he’s going to be a father, the path to get to his point in his life was bumpy and messy.

That part of his story stretches back to high school when OP started dating a girl in his class.

OP developed a strong bond with his high school sweetheart, and they dated all through college. They got married after graduation.

Planing a Family

Before they tied the knot, though, OP and his then-girlfriend talked through their plans for children.

The good news was that they both wanted to have kids. OP wanted to get started right away, though, and his girlfriend wanted to wait awhile.

That wasn’t a dealbreaker for OP because he was confident they’d have kids together someday.

But after they got married, OP’s wife just continued to kick the kid can down the road.

Prerequisites to Pregnancy

First, OP’s wife wanted to get their debt paid off. So OP stuck with a high-paying job he didn’t like so they could squash their student loans.

Then, OP’s wife wanted to buy a house. So they bought a home, and OP thought that would be the nest where they could finally start a family.

But once they got settled in, OP’s wife told him she wanted to start grad school.

By that point, OP was getting frustrated, so he asked his wife point-blank if she still wanted to have kids. She promised him that she did, but just not yet.

Living in Hope

It wasn’t quite what OP wanted to hear, but it still gave him hope.

Then disaster struck when OP’s wife started feeling sick and got a pretty grim diagnosis. He stood by her side through her treatment, and she recovered.

But that treatment left OP’s wife infertile.

Even though he was devastated by that news, OP was determined to have it all. So, he approached his wife about using a surrogate.

Surrogacy Shut Down

She flatly denied that possibility and told OP that if they couldn’t have a child that belonged to both of them biologically, they wouldn’t have one at all.

Over the next year or so, OP and his wife tried to work things out through therapy. But when it became clear she wouldn’t budge, OP filed for divorce.

At that point, OP could see no path forward that would allow him to become a father.

OP let his wife have the house, and he moved out of town.

Moving On

Sometime after the divorce, OP met his now-wife. She moved in with him and became pregnant quickly, so they got married.

Recently, an old friend of both OP and his ex-wife moved back into the country. The friend invited both of them to a small party to celebrate his return.

OP asked the friend privately if he thought it would be OK to bring his new wife. The buddy said it was no problem.

When OP and his new wife walked in, though, they came face-to-face with his ex. They kept their distance from each other, and everything seemed fine.

Pregnant Parading

But the next day, OP’s phone blew up with texts and voicemails from his friends to let him know what a terrible thing it was to parade his pregnant wife in front of his infertile ex.

OP feels terrible for his ex, but he was just trying to celebrate with his friend.

Most Redditors agree that OP didn’t do anything wrong, though a few of them think he should have probably avoided the party.

Many say they feel bad for his ex but are happy that OP can finally build the sort of life he’s always wanted.

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