“I’ve Been to Every Mass Shooting” – Is Biden Too Busy Lying about His Whereabouts to “Do Something to Prevent the Tragedies?”

President Joe Biden’s recent speech in the White House Rose Garden has come under scrutiny due to a false claim he made regarding his attendance at every mass shooting site. Here’s the whole story.

“Do Something. Please Do Something”

The president began his speech by announcing the creation of the White House Office of Gun Violence Prevention, emphasizing its importance to him and the country.

“Created by executive order, I am determined to send a clear message about how important this issue is to me and to the country. It matters, and here is why,” Biden said.

“After every mass shooting, we hear a simple message – the same message all over the country. I’ve been to every mass shooting. ‘Do something. Please do something,'” he added.

“Do something to prevent the tragedies that leave behind survivors who will always carry the physical and emotional scars, families that will never quite be the same, communities overwhelmed by grief and trauma,” he concluded.

Over Five Hundred Mass Shootings

This claim immediately raised eyebrows, as it contradicted known facts about his travel record, especially concerning mass shootings.

In reality, President Biden has not visited anywhere near “every” mass shooting site, even when considering mass shootings that occurred during his presidency.

A few minutes later, Biden mentioned that “our country has experienced more than 500 mass shootings” in 2023, yet he had made only one visit in connection to a mass shooting site this year.

He had made just three such visits in 2021 and 2022.

Skipping Mass Shootings

The trips he referred to included visits to Monterey Park, California, following a mass shooting at a dance studio; Buffalo, New York, after a supermarket massacre; and Uvalde, Texas, following a tragic event at an elementary school.

There were numerous other mass shootings that received significant national attention, such as the ones at a mall in Allen, Texas, and a parade in Highland Park, Illinois.

The Gun Violence Archive, a nonprofit that tracks mass shootings, defines mass shootings as incidents where four or more people were shot or killed, not including the shooter.

According to their data, there were 506 such mass shootings in 2023 alone, more than the visits President Biden mentioned.

“Compulsive Liar” 

While Vice President Kamala Harris and First Lady Jill Biden did visit some of these sites, the president’s claim that he had been to every mass shooting site does not hold up to scrutiny.

The White House declined to comment on this inaccurate statement.

Several social media users shared their thoughts on the incident.

One Twitter user wrote, “Compulsive liar. Telling lies about things it doesn’t even make sense to lie about.”

“He’s That Someone”

Another user added, “Why he always condemns that “someone has to do something to fix this.” But forgets that he’s that someone.”

A third user commented, “He’s a liar and it would be great if somebody would call him out on this so the American people could fully see his lies!”

A fourth user wrote, “I’m glad the media is finally calling out Biden on some of his lies. We all know that Trump lied a lot. There is no question about that. But Biden is a huge liar too. He’s been a compulsive, serial liar his whole life. He got caught lying about his education back in the 1980s.”

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