McDonald’s Lid Malfunction Leaves 80-Year-Old Woman With Severe Burns, and She’s Suing for Employee Negligence

A McDonald’s outlet in San Francisco is facing a legal battle after an 80-year-old woman suffered severe burns from scalding coffee and was allegedly denied assistance by store staff.

Alleged Negligence

Mable Childress, an elderly woman, has taken legal action against the San Francisco McDonald’s, alleging negligence and a breach of “duty of care” after a harrowing incident involving a scalding cup of coffee.

Details obtained from court documents revealed that Childress filed her lawsuit on September 14. 

The lawsuit paints a distressing picture of her suffering, including severe burns, emotional distress, scarring, and hefty medical expenses.

Peter Ou, the franchise owner, responded to the allegations, defending the restaurant’s food safety protocols and expressing the seriousness with which they take customer complaints. The legal claim is under thorough review.

Employees Refused to Assist

The nightmare unfolded on June 13 at the McDonald’s located at 1100 Fillmore Street, where the coffee cup lid allegedly failed, resulting in scalding coffee pouring out and causing severe burns and scars, as per the lawsuit.

Childress reportedly sought help from three employees, including managers, but was allegedly ignored and refused assistance until she was forced to leave and seek medical treatment for her injuries.

Counter Claims

Ou responded to the claims with, “We take every customer complaint seriously — and when Ms. Childress reported her experience to us later that day, our employees and management team spoke to her within a few minutes and offered assistance.”

Childress’ attorney expressed the gravity of the incident. The lawsuit has been filed as an unlimited civil case with potential compensation exceeding $25,000.

The First McDonald’s Coffee Case

This incident is reminiscent of another infamous lawsuit involving McDonald’s and hot coffee. Stella Liebeck v. McDonald’s remains one of the most prominent cases, revealing the company’s past entanglement with scalding coffee.

In 1992, Stella Liebeck, a 79-year-old, suffered third-degree burns from hot coffee at a New Mexico-based McDonald’s. The subsequent legal battle resulted in a substantial award and shed light on McDonald’s coffee temperature.

Safety Concerns of McDonald’s Coffee

During the Stella Liebeck trial, it was revealed that McDonald’s served its coffee almost 40 degrees hotter than other restaurants at the time, raising serious safety concerns.

The Liebeck case eventually led to a settlement after a judge reduced the initial punitive damages, making this a landmark case in the history of consumer safety.

A Hot Chicken McNugget

McDonald’s faced another lawsuit involving a hot item when a 4-year-old girl allegedly suffered severe burns from a hot Chicken McNugget, sparking a legal battle in Florida.

Olivia Caraballo’s family claimed she sustained second-degree burns due to a dangerously hot nugget, holding both McDonald’s and the franchise owner accountable.

$800,000 in Compensation

In a surprising outcome, the family was awarded a substantial sum of $800,000 in compensation, showcasing the gravity of the incident and its repercussions.

McDonald’s finds itself embroiled in yet another legal battle, raising questions about the safety measures in place within the fast-food giant.

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