Mean Girls Go to Extreme Lengths to Get Revenge on Their Roommates

Claire and her friends plotted the ultimate payback and left Abby and Brooke stunned when they moved out early, taking everything with them, after their behavior became unbearable.

The College Nightmare

During her junior year of college, Claire lived with five other women named Abby, Brooke, Dani, Ella, and Fran. They had signed a lease for a one-year deal on an unfurnished off-campus house.

Before moving in, they all decided on what to bring for the house and settled on a chore schedule. They also set up a household supply fund to buy things they all needed.

Things went well at first, but by fall semester, Abby’s boyfriend Andy moved in, and they started acting like they owned the place. Brooke and her boyfriend Brad also followed suit.

By February, Dani, Ella, Fran, and Claire found a different off-campus place and signed a lease, without Abby and Brooke. From then on, Abby, Brooke, and their boyfriends became mean and vindictive.

Destruction and Dishonesty Reigned

They stopped contributing to the shared supply fund, stopped doing chores, and destroyed their belongings. They’d do things like stop the clothes washer mid-wash, take their clothes out, dump them on the floor, and start their own laundry.

They’d use up all the hot water by taking super long showers. They’d write “return to sender” on our mail. They destroyed flowers our boyfriends sent or bought to us. They refused packages. This list goes on and on.

A week before Memorial Day, Ella received a call from the landlord on their new place, saying they could move in early at no charge. Without telling Abby and Brooke, Dani, Ella, Fran, and Claire decided to move out ASAP.

And So They Moved With the Daily Essentials

During Memorial Day weekend, while Abby, Brooke, and their boyfriends went camping, the four of them moved all their belongings out of the house. They also took all the shared household goods, including toilet paper, paper towels, dish detergent, and laundry detergent, since Abby and Brooke had not contributed to the fund since March.

When Abby, Brooke, and their boyfriends returned from their camping trip, they were shocked to find an empty house.

They also got food poisoning on their way home, making their scathing texts to Dani, Ella, Fran, and Claire about moving out and taking everything priceless.

The four of them still laugh about the situation 12 years later, and have not heard from Abby or Brooke since graduation.

What Redditors Said

Fubaryall wrote, “Diarrhea and vomiting with no TP or paper towels? Awesomeness!!”

Another replied, had a similar situation when one roommate turned into three, to the point where I needed to escape. The original roomie tried to demand I continue paying “my half” of the rent.”

What do you think? Have you had trouble with bad roommates before? Share your stories in the comments!

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