‘Medical Bills’ Will Be Wiped From Your ‘Credit Score’ – “Healthcare a Right and Not a Privilege”

The Biden administration has announced groundbreaking legislation that could wipe the medical debts of millions of Americans, arguing that medical bills are often wrong or flawed, meaning it’s unfair to have it looming on your credit score.

Medical Bills Wiped off Credit Scores

Vice President Kamala Harris unveiled a huge step to potentially wipe out medical debt from credit scores.

Harris asserted that this initiative could dramatically enhance the credit ratings of millions, making it easier for them to secure essential loans for their future.

With medical debt off the credit score radar, securing auto loans or mortgages could become a smoother process, opening doors for countless Americans.

Roughly one in five individuals grapple with medical debt, showing the stress and financial strain that medical bills hold on US citizens.

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) stepped up, with the vice president stating that the organization began the rulemaking process to eliminate medical debt in credit scores.

“Access to Healthcare Should Be a Right and Not a Privilege”

The CFPB shared the glaring issue of inaccuracies and errors in medical billing, arguing that due to “mistakes and inaccuracies in medical billing” being common, it’s unfair to have it appear on credit scores.

Vice President Harris said that access to healthcare is a fundamental right, “Access to healthcare should be a right and not a privilege,” she argued.

She also claimed that the new bill would “improve the credit scores of millions of Americans so that they will better be able to invest in their future.”

This announcement is the result of extensive efforts by the Biden administration to reduce the impact of medical debt on credit ratings.

Credit reporting companies like Equifax, TransUnion, and Experian have already taken steps to halt reporting on “some but not all medical bills on an individual’s credit report.”

Awaiting Finalization

Beyond removing medical debt from credit reports, the proposal seeks to shield borrowers from creditors using medical bills to determine loans and from debt collectors leveraging credit ratings.

The government plans to seek feedback from small businesses and the public before finalizing the proposed rule.

The government’s commitment to addressing medical debt raises hopes for a future where financial burdens due to healthcare are significantly alleviated.

This initiative could herald a transformative shift in calculating credit scores, potentially leading to fairer assessments and more equitable lending practices, making lives easier during this financial crisis.

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