Mexico Alien Mummies Have a Horrifying Origin That Resembles Something Out of “Frankenstein” Experts Revealed

The “ancient alien bodies” found in Mexico by Jaime Maussan were supposed to be humankind’s most significant discovery to date, but the story has taken a dark turn as the real origin of the bodies has been revealed, and it’s like something out of Frankenstein!

“Ancient Alien Bodies” Shocked the World

The introduction of these enigmatic “ancient alien bodies” was portrayed as a historic event of monumental importance, grasping the attention of a global audience.

Jaime Maussan’s confident assertion regarding the unearthly origin of the mummies was met with skepticism and swiftly debunked by experts in the field.

Similarity to Humans Was Intriguing

The discovery, which seemed set to rewrite history, was swiftly exposed as lacking substantial evidence by a multitude of experts and commentators.

The physical characteristics of the mummies, including elongated heads and three fingers, added to the intrigue as people couldn’t believe how similar they looked to humans.

Claims of the mummies being around 1,000 years old were met with skepticism, as the scientific community questioned the authenticity and accuracy of these age assessments.

Amalgamation of Human and Animal Bones

A resurfaced video suggested that the mummies were an amalgamation of human and animal bones, resembling something out of Frankenstein’s tale.

Detailed analysis of the skeletal structure showed a mismatch of bones and body parts, “One of the thigh bones is actually a femur, only facing the wrong way round, while the other one is a tibia, and they’re completely mismatched with the hip bone. There’s no joint there at all.”

Glaring Inconsistencies

Skeptics pointed out glaring inconsistencies in the arrangement of limbs and bones, pointing out that some were even missing, “some of the bones are simply chopped off.”

Insights from a French paleontologist revealed a possible use of animal skulls in crafting the mummies, “The whole facial part of the skull was broken off, leaving only the braincase… The skull was then rotated, so its back part faces forward – the reptiloid’s face is actually the back of the skull.”

Maussan Stands Firm

Despite the widespread skepticism, Jaime Maussan stood firm in his belief, reaffirming the alleged discovery’s importance, arguing the corpses were “the most important thing that has happened to humanity.”

Maussan saw this phenomenon as a unique opportunity for humanity to come together, “I believe that this phenomenon is the only one that gives us the opportunity to unite,” he said.

Dismay at the Continued Claims

Renowned bio-anthropologist Elsa Tomasto-Cagigao expressed her dismay at the continued claims, urging for a more critical evaluation, “What we said before still stands, they are presenting the same rehash as always and if there are people that keep believing that, what can we do?”

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