Migrant Crisis Causing Potential “Financial Tsunami”: ‘Sanctuary Cities’ Grapple With Budget Deficits and Overwhelmed Services

In a startling revelation, the city of Chicago found itself grappling with a massive budget deficit of $538 million, where a substantial portion of the blame was placed on the ongoing migrant crisis that has besieged the Windy City. Here’s the whole story.

‘Sanctuary City’ Troubles 

This development is just the latest example of “sanctuary” cities across the United States bearing a heavy financial burden due to the influx of migrants.

The financial turmoil in Chicago was unveiled when city officials attributed a significant portion of the budget deficit to “the cost of caring for new migrants arriving in the city.”

According to NBC Chicago, approximately $200 million of the deficit can be directly linked to special project expenses, which prominently include the costs associated with migrant care.

Expensive Additions

Recent estimates indicate that by the end of the year, the migrant crisis could accumulate a total cost exceeding $255 million. 

Chicago, like many other urban centers across the nation, bears the title of a “sanctuary” city.

This designation means that the city restricts local and state law enforcement from cooperating with federal immigration enforcement agencies, signifying a more welcoming approach to people residing in the country without legal status.

Don’t Create Divides

Mayor Brandon Johnson’s campaign website emphasized Chicago’s sanctuary status, stating, “As such, we must always resist attempts to pit communities against each other and extend this sanctuary promise to everyone who needs it in our city—both long-time residents and newcomers alike.”

However, it is this sanctuary designation that has made Chicago a target for the transportation of migrants sent by Texas Governor Greg Abbott.

In 2022, Governor Abbott initiated the practice of sending buses filled with migrants to these sanctuary cities, arguing that they were contributing to the migrant crisis experienced in his state.

Sharing the Load

This transportation initiative initially began with Washington, D.C., and subsequently expanded to include cities like Chicago and New York City.

“Texas has bused over 35,000 migrants to self-declared sanctuary cities,” Abbott wrote on Twitter.

“Over 11,300 to D.C., over 13,300 to NYC, over 6,700 to Chicago, over 2,600 to Philadelphia, over 1,000 to Denver, over 480 to L.A.,” he added.

The Price of Welcoming Migrants

New York City, another sanctuary city, has also confronted significant financial challenges as a result of the migrant crisis.

Mayor Eric Adams recently issued a warning, indicating that the influx of over 110,000 migrant arrivals in the past year threatens to “destroy” the city.

“We are about to experience a financial… tsunami that I don’t think the city has ever experienced,” Adams said.

Huge Far-Reaching Impacts

“Every service in this city is going to be impacted from child service to our seniors to housing. Everything will be impacted,” he added.

In Los Angeles, another sanctuary city, Mayor Karen Bass expressed her apprehensions about the city’s future.

“We live in a city that welcomes immigrants, and so I think we have been able to handle it, but I am fearful that any day, planes could start coming,” Mayor Bass said at an Axios event.

Treated Better Than Citizens 

Several social media users shared their thoughts on the incident.

One Twitter user wrote, “Crazy how bad policies detrimentally impact everyone. They finally see the results of their actions now.”

Another user added, “Well they are keeping them at 4-star hotels with food and one-year health insurance. They treat them better than citizens.”

A third user commented, “This is a global issue. It’s even worse in Europe, and it’ll only grow as climate change worsens.”

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