“Mike Pence and I Are Gay” and “Here’s the Proof!” – Heckler’s Scandalous Allegation Leave Pence Lost for Words

Mike Pence appeared at the New Hampshire Secretary of State’s office this week to officially file for the state’s primary ballot. While speaking with the press about his decision to run for President, a heckler shouted, “Mike Pence and I are gay,” and promised to show “proof.”

Pence Visited New Hampshire to File for the State’s Primary Election

Even though Mike Pence was trailing Donald Trump and many other Republican Presidential candidates in polls, it didn’t stop him trying to run for President. 

Pence took a trip to New Hampshire to file for the state’s primary election, which is scheduled to take place on March 12, 2024. 

He stopped by the New Hampshire Secretary of State’s office to sign paperwork that will make him a part of this election.

While he was still in the process of filing the proper paperwork with New Hampshire’s Secretary of State, Pence talked to the press that was gathered at the office about his decision to stay in the race. He maintained that he still believes he’s the best Republican candidate for President.

Pence Was Interrupted by a Heckler

“We’re running because we simply believe with all humility that I’m the most qualified, most experienced, the most tested conservative seeking the Republican nomination,” Pence said.

Before Pence could continue to talk to reporters, a heckler started yelling at him right in the middle of the New Hampshire Secretary of State’s office. 

The man-made some bold claims about Pence, who was clearly caught off guard by the situation.

“Mike Pence, are you going to tell them? You promised today was our coming out day,” the man said. “Mike Pence and I are gay.”

“Here’s the Proof!”

The heckler also claimed to have proof of his alleged romantic relationship with Pence. “Here’s the proof!” the man yelled. “Here’s the proof!” The man did not appear to offer any proof despite saying this.

Pence didn’t offer up much of a reaction to the heckler. 

He also didn’t seem to be in any immediate danger, as he was surrounded by quite a few of his handlers. 

His wife, Karen Pence, was also in attendance at the event and witnessed what went down.

The Heckler Continued to Yell at Pence

Pence attempted to get the event back on the right track by steering the conversation back to his Presidential campaign.

 But the heckler would not stop interrupting him, even though he was being whisked away by security within just seconds of heckling Pence.

Just before he was removed from the room where Pence was talking to the press, the heckler shared a few final words with the former Vice President. 

“Mike Pence,” he yelled, “I’ll admit your John Deere is bigger than mine!”

Back Down to Business

Pence didn’t seem to issue any kind of response to the heckler. He let security handle him and then got back to discussing his Presidential campaign with reporters.

This isn’t the first time Pence has been harassed by hecklers while on the campaign trail. 

He was speaking to a crowd in Iowa in late September when another heckler stood up and interrupted him.

 But in that case, the heckler appeared to be much angrier with Pence and upset by his mere presence in the state.

“Get the [expletive] out of our country,” the heckler screamed at Pence as he tried to speak. “Get the [expletive] out of Iowa!”

Heckled by Donald Trump Supporters

Pence may have ignored the heckler who took aim at him in New Hampshire. But during the incident that occurred in Iowa, he managed to make light of what the heckler said to him. He shot back at the man by saying, “I’m going to put him down as a maybe.”

Pence has also been heckled by Donald Trump supporters throughout his Presidential campaign. 

Ironically enough, he was in New Hampshire in early August when a group of them heckled him by shouting things like, “There’s the sellout!” and “There’s the traitor!”. 

Pence ignored many of those hecklers but did stop to address one who asked him why he chose not to “uphold the Constitution” during the 2020 Presidential Election. “I upheld the Constitution!” Pence said to the heckler. “Read it!”

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