Minecraft Net Worth 2022; Founder, History, Stats (Updated)

Minecraft stands out among the games that have experienced continued growth in popularity after their release a decade ago. The average video game has a lifespan of two years or less, but Minecraft has attracted millions of new players each year, and it has also re-engaged older players. 

Game NameMinecraft 
Date of launch17 May 2009 (PC alpha); 18 November 2011 (General release)
HeadquartersStockholm, Sweden
CEOJonas Mårtensson (CEO), Jens Bergensten (CCO), Phil Spencer (Executive VP of Gaming, Microsoft)
Founder Markus ‘Notch’ Persson
Current OwnerMicrosoft
IndustryVideo games
Minecraft Net Worth1.7 billion dollars (Last Updated 2022)

Minecraft Net Worth

Minecraft is valued at over a billion dollars in 2022. In exact terms, it has a net worth of 1.7 billion dollars.

How it all Started?

Minecraft was developed by Markus ‘Notch’ Persson in 2009. He works as a game developer and was previously employed by King. Even before it was officially launched, Minecraft received a great deal of attention.

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When the game was officially launched, Notch gave Jens Bergensten creative control of the game, a position he has held for over a decade. It is still he who is in charge of the creative direction of the bedrock edition, however.

With hundreds of thousands of people coming to the game, Mojang added new features, making it possible for players to create more advanced creations. 

About the Founder

Markus “Notch” Persson became wealthy after Microsoft acquired the Minecraft rights. Following 15 million sales across all consoles, Microsoft purchased Minecraft from Persson in September 2014 at a cost of $2.5 billion. 

Since then, Persson has been traveling around the globe, coding new games whenever he can. Persson, who is an active user of social media, has spoken openly about his feeling of solitude following his sudden success.

It has been reported that Persson spends most of his money on technology and travel, although in December 2014 the Swedish billionaire purchased a $70 million mansion in Beverly Hills.

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Minecraft Stats

  • Minecraft brought in $380 million in revenue last year, with $110 million coming from mobile devices
  • Minecraft is a game that is played once or twice a month by more than 130 million people 
  • Over 200 million copies of Minecraft have been sold in all formats
  • There have been over 400 million downloads of the free Chinese edition of Minecraft

The World’s Wealthiest Minecraft Player?

The richest Minecrafter is Preston Arsement. As one of the world’s top video gamers, he has a 14 million dollar net worth. In addition to streaming his videos, he sells his own software.

Who is the Minecraft’s CEO?

As of 2022, Jonas Mrtensson is the Chief Executive Officer at Minecraft.

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