Her Misogynistic Andrew Tate Fan Uncle Taken Down- A Triumph for Feminism or Just Mean?

A family is at war with their anti-feminist uncle who loves Andrew Tate. After his endless attacks and sexist comments about her past relationship, this niece has had enough.

Misogynistic Uncle

A woman, Sian, found herself entangled in family drama due to her uncle’s misogynistic beliefs and comments.

Sian’s uncle, Connor, is an avid follower of Andrew Tate, a figure known for his controversial views on women.

One of Connor’s statements was, “Once a woman hits 35 the egg is not good,” suggesting women become infertile after 35.

Another comment followed Andrew Tate’s words, “In order for a woman to be with a Top G she has to accept him having multiple girlfriends/wives.”

Accusations of Fake Sexual Assault Claims

Connor once argued that most women fake claims of sexual assault in order to get a big payout, a comment that outraged Sian and her mother.

Sian’s mother slammed Connor for the comments, suggesting that the victim should always be taken seriously.

Connor then attacked Sian for breaking up with her ex for mistreating her, “it’s crazy how women can throw away a 3-4 year relationship like nothing.”

When told that the real reason Sian broke up with her ex-boyfriend was because he couldn’t stop cheating on her, the uncle suggested he needed to hear the boyfriend’s side of the story as well.

She Pointed Out His Wrongs

Sian confronted Connor, calling out his hypocrisy and demanding he keep his views to himself.

Tensions escalated as Sian and her uncle engaged in a heated argument, with Sian finally blasting him for his anti-feminist propaganda.

Sian couldn’t hold back her anger anymore, yelling, “I don’t talk about how you became a deadbeat father in your teens, so don’t be commenting about my issues before resolving yours,” at Connor.

He Got What He Deserved

After digging the uncle for neglecting his children, Sian wonders if she should apologize.

That’s why she’s asked Reddit for guidance.

One commenter said, “You put a mirror to his face and he didn’t like it. It’s not the mirror’s fault that he doesn’t like what he saw.”

Another supported Sian’s actions by implying that he got what he deserved, “Glass house, meet stone,” they put.

Were Sian’s actions justified? Did she have any right to comment on his fatherhood? Let us know in the comments.

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