‘Miss Trans Universe?’ – Cis Women Beaten by ‘Biological Males’ in Iconic Beauty Pageant

Two biological males have won their country’s Miss Universe pageant and will go on to compete for the title of Miss Universe. 

Two Not-So-Unlikely Winners

Two transgender females made recent headlines when each won the Miss Universe pageant in their respective countries. 

Marina Machete just won the Miss Portugal 2023 contest in Portugal, and Rikkie Valerie Kolle won the Miss Netherlands contest back in July. 

Both are biological men who transitioned to women.

The Miss Universe pageants have witnessed a significant shift with the recent ownership change of the iconic competition. 

Anne Jakrajutatip, a trans woman and successful businesswoman from Thailand, has taken the reins, marking a historic moment for the pageant.

A Glamorous Legacy

Miss Universe, a beauty pageant that has captivated audiences since 1952, is renowned for its glamorous contestants and elaborate ceremonies. 

Historically, the competition has included segments such as personality interviews and the evening gown and swimsuit rounds, where contestants showcase their poise and style. 

The Miss Universe pageant, once owned by former U.S. President Donald Trump, has undergone a significant transformation, with Anne Jakrajutatip becoming its first non-American, transgender woman owner.

Expanding the Miss Universe Brand

Anne Jakrajutatip, a prominent media conglomerate owner in Thailand, aims to redefine Miss Universe by emphasizing women’s empowerment through changes in the competition.

 Anne’s personal journey as a transgender woman and her experiences with discrimination fueled her passion for change within the pageant industry.

 Anne’s early fascination with global content led her to build her media empire, JKN Global, which includes CNBC Thailand and other businesses. 

In 2022, JKN Global purchased the struggling Miss Universe organization for $20 million, promising to revitalize its brand.

The End of an Era

Anne plans to diversify the Miss Universe brand, starting with products like Miss Universe mineral water and fashion apparel, leveraging its global following.

Anne believes that beauty in the Miss Universe context extends beyond physical appearance and embraces transformational leadership. 

To promote inclusivity, Anne has opened the competition to married, pregnant, and divorced women, breaking traditional pageant norms. 

While Anne aims to retain the swimsuit competition, she intends to present it differently to avoid objectifying women. The pageant will now embrace diverse beauty standards, acknowledging that beauty comes in all sizes and forms. 

The ownership shift of Miss Universe under Anne Jakrajutatip marks the end of an era for the iconic pageant.

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