Her ‘Guardian Angel’ Kept Her Safe – Missing 2-Year-Old Found

A brave young girl has been found alive and well in the woods in the most heartwarming way possible, as two loving family dogs were key to her survival.

Missing Two-Year-Old

Brooklyn Lynn Lilly, a brave two-year-old, endures a harrowing 22-hour ordeal lost in the woods, sparking fears and a massive search in Tawas City, Michigan.

A typical afternoon turned into a frantic search when Brooklyn wandered away from her home, leaving neighbors and family anxious and fearful of abduction.

Police and firefighters launched a determined search effort, battling adverse weather conditions to locate the missing child and bring her back to safety.

Despite challenging weather, rescuers scoured the area by foot and air, demonstrating unwavering commitment to finding Brooklyn and reuniting her with her family.


In a heartwarming twist, a German shepherd police dog located Brooklyn near a creek before they witnessed a unique spectacle.

She was found in the most remarkable fashion, with one of her family dogs cuddled up to her like a pillow while the other was “keeping her safe.”

Despite enduring a tough night with a scrape to her nose, blisters on her feet, and a missing shoe, Brooklyn’s resilience shone through as she flashed a smile at her rescuers.

Jeffery Seyfried, assistant chief of Tawas City Fire Department, captured the touching moment as Brooklyn is found, bundled up and giggling, grateful for her rescue, “She was bundled up in her jacket and when the team walked up to her, she started giggling.”

“I Love It in the Woods”

Brooklyn’s innocent delight in the woods was shown when she uttered the words, “I love it in the woods,” as Seyfried recalled.

Aunt Alecia Cook shared the family’s emotional turmoil during the nerve-wracking night, followed by the immense relief at Brooklyn’s safe return.

The entire community rallied around Brooklyn’s family, a true testament to the power of collective hope, prayers, and efforts in times of crisis.

Brooklyn’s courage and positivity inspired onlookers, making the police and firefighter’s jobs all the more worthwhile.

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