Mom Challenges School’s “Gender Confusion, Not Gender Clarification” and Faces Unexpected Backlash in Her Career

After speaking out against a California school district’s sexual education curriculum, a mom of three was fired from her job and shunned in her community. Here’s the full story.

The Curriculum Teaches “Gender Confusion, Not Gender Clarification”

Janet Roberson is a California mother of three. She recently expressed concerns at a Benicia Unified School District (BUSD) meeting about the district’s sexual education curriculum.

Roberson said the curriculum teaches “gender confusion, not gender clarification.” She said the district was teaching 10-year-old students to choose their gender and receive puberty blockers.

Teaching “gender confusion” to vulnerable children “is completely unacceptable and evil,” said Roberson. She feels that the gender discussions in schools are going beyond the scope of the state requirements.

“The Notion That a Girl Can Decide To Be a Boy, or a Boy Can Decide To Be a Girl Is Not True”

According to Roberson, gender identity is being discussed in math classes, which “takes time away from core learning,” and she doesn’t think this benefits the students. “The notion that a girl can decide to be a boy, or a boy can decide to be a girl is not true and should not be taught,” said Roberson.

Roberson has a child in elementary, middle, and high school. After speaking out against the new sex-ed curriculum being taught to young children, she said, “the bullies in town began a campaign to destroy” her.

In the town’s newspaper, one community resident wrote a letter to the editor calling Roberson’s speech a “bigoted diatribe” and referred to her beliefs as “racist, homophobic, and transphobic.”

Compared Roberson’s Beliefs to Doctors Who Worked at Concentration Camps During World War II

This resident also compared Roberson’s beliefs to doctors who worked at concentration camps during World War II. This resident didn’t stop at attacking Roberson’s speech; he also attacked her career.

Roberson was a realtor in the community, and the letter to the town’s newspaper said that her “unapologetic bigotry might well affect a marginalized person’s ability to purchase a home,” because it would depend on whether or not they passed Janet Roberson’s “racial/sexual purity test.”

After reading the letter in the newspaper, Roberson responded by clarifying four things she was opposed to.

Teaching 12-Year-Olds About Oral and Anal Sex

The four things Roberson told the letter writer she was opposed to include: “1. 10-year-olds being asked to identify their pronouns 2. teaching children that boys can be girls and girls can be boys 3. teaching 10-year-olds that they can receive puberty blockers to prevent adolescent development 4. teaching 12-year-olds about oral and anal sex.”

Ten days after she spoke at the school board meeting, the real estate agency where Roberson worked told her that she could no longer work for them.

Roberson said the company told her it had “nothing to do with her business success” but they did not have to provide her with a reason why they “decided to part ways.”

“The Public Deserves To Know How Compass Can Reign in Someone’s Internalized Hate for Transgender Kids and Equity-Seeking Black Americans”

One community member wrote a letter to the real estate agency, Compass, saying, “The public deserves to know how Compass can reign in someone’s internalized hate for transgender kids and equity-seeking Black Americans.”

The letter to Compass said the public needed an answer so that their clients could “have a fair and decent experience when buying and selling property.”

The real estate agency where Roberson worked said she was not an employee but an independent contractor with the company. Molly on Twitter said, “Compass probably did the right thing.”

When the community seemed to turn against her, the social media community stood with her and showed their support.

“Inspire Other Parents To Speak Up”

Jake Coco said, “It’s deeply concerning when someone faces professional repercussions for expressing personal opinions, especially when they’re voicing concerns about the education of their children.”

Some even called for people to boycott Compass, who fired Roberson. Agent Smith said, “Don’t buy anything from them if they’re the listing agent; don’t use them as your realtor if you’re the buyer.”

Roberson was shocked and hurt by Compass’ decision to “part ways” but said her ultimate goal was to “Inspire other parents to speak up.”

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