Mom Confronts Emotionally Manipulative Teacher: School Trip Ruined by Pairing Students With Troublemakers

A fed-up mother sparked outrage on Reddit when she pulled her daughter from a class trip because her teacher refused to do her job. She basically wanted to use the little girl as a babysitter. Here is the whole story.

Class Trip Excitement Extinguished

OP is a married mother whose 9-year-old daughter is in elementary school. For the most part, the little girl loves school and does well.

Recently, OP’s daughter had gotten really excited about a class trip to a water park.

But then, one day, OP’s daughter came home in tears. She told her mom that she no longer wanted to go on the trip.

When OP asked her daughter why she had a change of heart, she said it was because of her teacher. OP didn’t understand, so she pressed for more answers.

Paired With a Troublemaker

After some back and forth, the little girl told OP that her teacher had assigned her to be the “buddy” of a boy in her class during the trip.

This boy was the biggest troublemaker in class and caused all sorts of commotion.

And the teacher also told OP’s daughter that she couldn’t hang out with her friends on the trip. She would have to sit with the little boy on the bus, eat lunch with him, and play with him at the water park.

Guilt Tripping Teacher

Her daughter didn’t want to tell OP about why she didn’t want to go because the teacher had laid a guilt trip on her. The little girl was afraid her mother would think she was a bad person.

OP was furious when she heard the reason her daughter wanted to skip the trip. It wasn’t the first time that OP’s daughter had trouble with her teacher, either.

Several times in the past, the teacher had asked OP’s daughter to work or play with other children in the class.

Not Doing Her Job

They were always kids who were having trouble or causing problems.

OP was fed up with the teacher not doing her job, so she decided to take action.

So, OP first tried to work things out with the teacher over email. She sent the educator a rough email, telling her why she and her daughter were upset.

But the teacher blew off OP’s concerns and repeated her stance. If OP’s daughter went on the trip, then she had to buddy up with the nose-picking little boy.

Missing the Trip

Faced with no other option, OP told the teacher her daughter would not be participating in the class outing. 

Then OP called the water park and bought VIP tickets for the same day as the field trip. Her daughter would go and hang out with her friends, after all.

In the next few days, OP was shocked to find out that other parents had pulled their kids from the trip, too. It seems they’d had their own issues with the teacher.

A Mass Exodus

It didn’t take long before the teacher came back to OP, basically begging her to let her daughter go on the trip. Nearly half the class had pulled out, which meant the school could no longer afford the outing.

OP told the teacher that it was tough but that it was her own fault. OP’s husband thought she was being petty and that they should let their daughter go. He didn’t think it was fair to punish the other kids.

But OP stuck to her guns and even eventually went to the school administration to report the teacher.

Too Much Responsibility on Young Shoulders

Seems other parents did the same, and the teacher was placed on leave until a permanent decision could be made.

Redditors almost completely agree with OP and support the stance she took against the teacher’s actions.

They think the teacher was way off base for shoveling her responsibilities onto OP’s daughter’s shoulders.

Many commenters also condemn OP’s husband for trying to sweep the issue under the rug.

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