Mom Furious to Find Teen Daughter Has Made a Homophobic Video – About Her Step-Dad!

A shocked mother drove Redditors to outrage when she canceled her daughter’s 16th birthday party. The girl probably shouldn’t have questioned her stepdad’s sexuality in the first place. Here is the whole story.

A Different Kind of Man

OP is a 48-year-old woman who is married to a 46-year-old man. They have a 9-year-old daughter together.

But OP was married before to a man who is now 50 years old. They have a 15-year-old daughter and 13-year-old son together.

The two men are completely different. OP’s ex is a jock who coaches their daughter’s soccer team, while her current husband is a college professor who loves to bake and cook.

As OP’s older daughter approached her 16th birthday, the whole family dove into preparing a big party for her. Her stepfather was planning to make a fancy cake that incorporated many of the girl’s interests.

Big Party Plans

Having big birthday parties was a tradition with OP’s family, and her husband always made a themed cake.

But this was a Sweet Sixteen, so OP and her husband were going all out to make it especially memorable.

Then, a few weeks before the big party, another mother sent OP a link to a TikTok video. It was something her older daughter and some of her soccer teammates had put together.

In the video, OP’s husband is taking a cake out of the oven, and the girls dubbed in sound from an episode of “Family Guy.” 

OP knew it couldn’t end well, and she was right.

Homophobic Slurs

At the end of the video, OP’s daughter lip-synced along with the audio, basically saying that her stepfather is gay.

OP immediately confronted her daughter, who said it was all just a big joke. But OP didn’t think it was funny and demanded that the girl take down the video and apologize to her stepfather.

The daughter rolled her eyes but agreed to OP’s demands.

Not long after that, though, OP overheard her daughter on the phone with a friend. The girl said that her mother was having a cow over her f**** husband, using a derogatory term for a gay man.

That was the last straw for OP, and she busted into her daughter’s room and told her to hang up.

No Sweet Sixteen

The girl said she was just blowing off steam, but OP was done with the whole situation. She told her daughter the Sweet Sixteen party was off, and there would be no fancy cake.

The teenager was devastated, and OP had trouble finding support for the punishment she handed out with anyone else in the family.

OP’s ex told her she was overreacting and that their daughter was just being a kid. He wanted the party to go on.

OP’s current husband was very hurt when he heard what happened, but he also thought they should go ahead with the party.

OP wanted no part of rewarding her daughter, but she put some more thought into it after she cooled down a bit.

A Harsh Punishment

In a follow-up post, OP reported that her daughter eventually took down the video and apologized to her stepfather.

OP also alerted the parents of the other girls who were in the video, and they were ashamed of their kids’ actions, too.

The parents worked with OP to come up with a joint punishment.

Instead of going to an upcoming school dance, the girls would volunteer at OP’s younger daughter’s class meal the same night.

They also spent evenings the week leading up to the little girl’s party at OP’s house, learning how to cook from her husband.

Dad Was Excusing Bad Behavior

In the end, OP feels like everyone learned some important lessons, but she still intends to stick to her original punishment. No Sweet Sixteen! 

Redditors were pretty much appalled by what the girls did to OP’s husband, and they thought it was fitting to cancel the daughter’s birthday party.

Many of them also say that OP’s ex is way off base in trying to excuse their daughter’s behavior.

Some also think OP’s husband should have stood up for himself more forcefully, but they get that he was trying to keep the peace.

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