Mom Shamed Over Fake Tanned Baby, but Did Critics Miss the Light Tone of Her Video?

This mother has soared to viral status by sharing her TikTok video claiming to have fake tanned her baby. In the video she’s holding the baby, who looks darker in complexion to his mother, with a shocking caption claiming that she fake-tanned her adorable child. But hold on, this story also comes with a twist.

Baby Gets Spray Tan

Kylen Suttner boldly asserts that she has given her baby, Suede, a golden spray tan.  As the clip went viral, the TikTok community erupted with many viewers quick to express their outrage and concern over the mother’s alleged action. 

In the video, we can see a proud mother displaying her glowing baby with the text that reads, “When everyone is telling me to stop self-tanning my baby but the loving tan employees have families to feed.”

Words like “disgusting” and “horrible” echoed through the comment section, highlighting the intense emotions stirred by this controversial claim. 

One user even commented on how well the baby looks after the alleged tan, “Tan looking so flawless.” In a follow-up interview, Kylen revealed the true story behind her eyebrow-raising statement. 

The Truth Was Revealed

She explained that her baby, Suede, has been dealing with jaundice since birth, causing his skin to have a yellowish tint. The spray-tan comment was nothing more than a playful jest, an attempt to address the situation with a touch of humour.

Kylen’s loyal followers rushed to her defense, understanding her lighthearted nature and recognising the intent behind her comment. 

One fan hilariously remarked, “So funny to me that people think you’re being for real.” TikTok users couldn’t help but express their adoration for baby Suede, “I love this kid. Oh my heart!”

Some parts of the world didn’t get the message, with one user revealing, “You’re in the news on a German prime TV channel, they even had a doctor and people in the streets talk about it.”

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