Mom Protecting Baby From Sinister Toy – Immediately Pulled from Shelves

One mother’s chilling warning to parents has gone viral as she reveals that the baby toy that she bought from Walmart says some horrifying offensive jokes.

Seemingly Innocent Toy

A seemingly innocent baby toy unravels a startling secret in a viral TikTok.

An ordinary Christmas present takes an unexpected turn for Ashley Lynn’s nine-month-old.

What should have been happy toy sounds morphed into something incredibly sinister.

A disturbing revelation from Ashley’s mother showed that the toy had been talking about drive-by shootings.

Disturbing Jokes

Ashley wasn’t convinced at first, but then she investigated further, “Then my mum hears something and she calls us all in and she’s like, ‘It just said something about a drive-by shooting!'”

Jokes emanating from the toy prove to be anything but child-friendly, “It says on the box, it tells jokes,” She revealed.

One particular joke stood out for its disturbing nature, leaving everyone bewildered.

A Software Glitch

We won’t repeat the joke, but it involved the toy making noises related to drive-by shootings.

Another disgraceful joke involved Catholicism, which we won’t repeat for obvious reasons.

Ashley then demands answers from the toy’s manufacturer.

The makers of the toy, Linsay Toys, admit to a software glitch that’s at the heart of the issue.

Pulled From the Shelves

Swift actions follow as the company initiates a recall and promises an investigation.

Walmart, the retailer, swiftly addressed the situation by removing the toy from its shelves.

Some users are urging a lawsuit, “Why so anxious to sue? Just call the company to let them know and take it back for a refund.”

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