Mom’s “Happy Ending” Abortion Story Highlights Risks of NOT Breaking the Law

In the face of the growing fight over reproductive rights, an Ohio mother recently told the world about her own abortion. Without it, her family wouldn’t be her today. Here is the full story.

Anticipating an Easy Pregnancy

Emily Savors is an Ohio resident who has been following the state’s debates over abortion rights closely. For her, it’s all very personal.

Back in 1997, Savors was a newlywed with a 4-year-old daughter from a previous relationship.

Savors and her new husband were eager to get started adding to their family, and they figured it would be a cinch.

After all, her first pregnancy had been a breeze, so why should she ever have any troubles?

Her Baby Had No Heartbeat

So Savors and her husband started trying to conceive, and it didn’t take too long before they got some good news. She was pregnant, with their first child together due in March of 1998.

But then in September of 1997, Savors noticed some blood where there shouldn’t have been any. Scared about what might be happening, she went right to her obstetrician.

And at the doctor’s office, Savors got the worst news she could have received in the moment. The baby had no heartbeat.

While she was still reeling from that news, Savors’ OB told her that she needed to abort the pregnancy right away.

Moving Forward

Even though Savors could technically continue to carry the baby, her doctor said, there was a huge risk of developing a uterine infection.

If the infection got bad enough, Savors might even die.

Thanks to Roe v. Wade and the reproductive rights that decision afforded women, Savors didn’t have to think about whether or not she was breaking the law.

Instead, she had the abortion, and then she and her husband worked on healing and trying to move forward with their lives.

Eventually, several years later, they had a beautiful baby daughter. She joined her then-9-year-old sister in a happy, healthy family.

Other Women Denied Her “Happy Ending”

But today, Savors worries that her type of happy ending might not be possible for all women in the United States.

When the Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade in 2022, they threw the fight over abortion rights back into the hands of individual states.

In some states, like Ohio, abortions continue to be legal, at least for the time being.

But other states, like Texas, have banned abortions almost completely.

In those cases, it’s at least possible a young mother in the same situation Savors faced would have to risk infection and death if she didn’t want to break the law.

Murky Abortion Rights

And even in Savors’ home state, the future of abortion rights is murky.

While the courts recently blocked a 2019 ruling that would limit abortions to the first 6 weeks of pregnancy, Ohioans will get to vote on a much broader measure in the November election.

On the table is a proposed amendment to the state constitution that would permanently reinstate a woman’s right to have an abortion, up to the point of fetal viability – about 22 weeks in most cases.

For her part, Savors is telling her story far and wide as she makes it clear to all who will listen that her family couldn’t even exist had it not been for the abortion she had so many years ago.

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