Momzilla Demands the Harpist Changes Her Dress Because It’s the Same Color as Her Daughter’s Bridal Gown

A young harpist took to Reddit recently to ask for opinions after she “ruined” a wedding by color-coordinating with the bride. The accusations flew, even though her dress was pre-approved! Here is her whole story.

She’s Played the Harp Since She Was a Child

OP is an 18-year-old woman who has been playing the harp since childhood. It’s an unusual skill that makes her a popular choice for brides who want something different at their wedding.

Recently, OP’s dad asked if she would be willing to play at his friend’s son’s wedding. She was free on the weekend in question, so she agreed.

Usually, OP says, she would ask for payment upfront to avoid the hassle. But since these were family friends, she agreed to let them pay her at the reception after the ceremony.

OP met with the bride several weeks before the wedding to review the music selection.

They Settled on the Music and Her Attire

While they were together, OP also showed her dress to the bride to ensure it was appropriate for the wedding.

The bride told OP that her dress was fine, they settled on the music OP would be playing, and everything was all set.

As usual, OP arrived at the church where the wedding would be held about four hours before the ceremony. That gives her harp time to settle into the venue’s climate so it can sound its best.

When OP arrived, the bride’s mother came to give her a corsage. When she saw her dress, though, the other woman was shocked.

It Was the Same Color as the Bride’s Dress

It was navy blue, the same color the bride had chosen for her own dress.

Because she wanted her daughter’s dress to be unique at the wedding, the bride’s mother told OP she needed another dress.

There was a bridal shop 20 minutes away, she said, which gave her plenty of time.

OP was surprised by this request and told the older woman that the bride had already signed off on her dress. Besides, she said, she couldn’t afford to buy another dress.

The Mother-Of-The-Bride Stomped off Angrily

So OP refused to buy a different dress, and the mother-of-the-bride stomped off angrily.

The wedding ended without a hitch, and everyone enjoyed the music. Later, OP approached the bride and told her about the dustup with the girl’s mom.

The bride told OP it wasn’t a big deal and agreed that she had OK’d the dress long before the wedding.

But later, at the reception, the bride’s mom refused to pay OP. The bride overheard them arguing and jumped into the conversation.

The Bride’s Mother Refused To Pay Her

By then, the bride was also upset about OP’s dress, and she agreed with her mom that they shouldn’t pay her.

OP was all alone at the wedding because her mom and dad couldn’t attend. So she didn’t argue with the bride and her mom.

When she got home, though, OP told her dad about what had happened. He contacted his friend, the groom’s father, and paid her.

Even though the incident is over, OP still feels terrible about the whole scene. She wonders if she should have just bought a new dress like the bride’s mom wanted.

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