Mormon Missionaries Disturbed Mom’s Sacred Time of Day – So She Cursed Them

An exhausted mother riled up Redditors when she shut down a couple of Mormon missionaries who showed up at her door. There’s hell to pay for anyone who interrupts her toddler’s nap! Here is the full story.

Teething Toddler

OP has a 2-year-old daughter who is actively teething, a situation that makes every waking moment an adventure. And generally miserable.

With two molars trying to bust through at the same time, OP’s daughter spends most of her waking hours crying and screaming.

And, since the little girl is already in the midst of her Terrible Twos, the teething only adds to the terror she’s unleashing on OP and her husband.

So these days, OP’s main goal in life is to get her daughter to sleep and then keep her asleep for as long as possible.

Naptime Sacred

None of that is easy with an active child and a fairly busy neighborhood, so OP cherishes bedtime and naptime above all other moments of the day.

Daytime naps are doubly challenging because OP’s husband works 3rd shift and sleeps during the day. It’s been that way for years, and the couple have always struggled to keep the place quiet in those hours.

One of the major culprits in disturbing OP’s husband while he sleeps during the day is people knocking on their front door.

While the knocking itself is not all that intrusive, OP’s dogs explode any time someone shows up. They think it’s the UPS woman is there to give them treats and rub their bellies.

Short Lived Peace

And, of course, barking and howling dogs are death to any peace and quiet OP might get with her sleeping daughter.

It all came to a head one day when OP had struggled for hours to get her little girl settled into a nap.

OP finally found the right combination, though, and her daughter drifted off into slumberland. With her husband gone to the world, too, the house was finally quiet.

That bliss lasted for about half an hour until there was a knock at the door. As usual, the dogs exploded, and OP’s heart jumped out of her chest.

Knock Knock. Who’s There? Mormon Missionaries!

OP hurried to the door and opened it just enough to see outside but not enough for the dogs to nose their way out.

There on her stoop, OP saw a couple of young Mormon missionaries, there to share the good news.

OP told the boys that she had a napping toddler and that she didn’t have time to talk to them that day.

But the missionaries weren’t taking no for an answer. One of them grabbed the side of the door just as OP was about to close it on them.

She Was Furious!

It would only take a few minutes to deliver their message, the boy told OP.

That made OP furious, and she cursed and told the two missionaries they needed go. Then she slammed the door in their faces.

The commotion was enough to wake up OP’s husband, and he heard the end of her confrontation with the missionaries.

When he answered the door, OP’s husband always made time to speak with those types of drop-ins. So, he wasn’t too happy with the way his wife reacted.

Cooling Down

In fact, her hubby told OP that she was to do that to the boys. She cursed at him too, and he went back to bed.

But when OP told him the whole story later on, including how one of the boys had grabbed the door, her husband softened a bit.

Things seem to be fine between them now, but after she’s had some time to cool down, OP wonders if maybe she overreacted.

For the most part, Redditors think OP was fully justified for getting irate with the missionaries.

Many of them think the Mormon boy crossed a line when he grabbed the door, with some suggesting he deserved a much worse fate.

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