Mother Rejects Abuse Allegations After She Balds Daughter to Teach Her a Lesson on Humility

One mother thought it would be a good idea to punish her daughter for “feeling pretty” by shaving her head. In a viral TikTok video where a separate narrator questioned whether ethical boundaries were crossed, TikTok users have commented to express their concerns of this mother, who some are calling “abusive.”

Mother’s Controversial Punishment

In a video shared on TikTok, a mother known as Bosselina unleashed a controversial form of discipline on her daughter, leaving viewers upset.

The viral clip captures the moment when Bosselina, armed with a pair of scissors, snips off her child’s braids close to the scalp. 

The stern words spoken during the punishment raise eyebrows from online viewers, especially when the mother revealed that she was cutting off her hair because she felt pretty.

“For some people, the worst bully they ever meet is their mom,” one worried user argues.

Backlash Forces Daughter to Publically Minimize Abuse

“Some people DO NOT deserve their children… poor baby deserves so much better,” another user exclaims as the child shows fear in the video.

Bosselina posted a follow-up video, addressing the controversy. In the presence of her daughter, she shockingly asks if this form of discipline was preferable to physical abuse. 

“Do you think that this form of discipline was a lot better than any other form of discipline I could’ve used like physical abuse?” Bosselina asked her terrified daughter.

The daughter then lets out one haunting word, “Yes.”

She Bought Her Daughter a Wig

Many viewers express unease, suggesting that the daughter’s response may have been forced, prompting further concern for her well-being.

In response to the outcry, Bosselina released a third video to address the concerns. 

This time, she showcases her daughter trying on a new wig, before her daughter confirmed that she was not hurt by the punishment.

Do you agree that this sort of punishment is completely out of line? We want to hear your thoughts in the comments.

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