Mother-In-Law Has Photo Album of Her Husband With Other Women – His Wife’s Reaction Is Not What Anyone Expected!

A daughter-in-law thought she would play an innocent game of “Smash or Pass?” when her mother-in-law decided to show her a picture book of all of her son’s exes, but the joke went horribly wrong when the mother-in-law didn’t find it funny!

Disapproving Mother-In-Law

During her holiday visit, Jessica senses her mother-in-law, Margaret’s, disapproval, leading to an unsettling encounter that made her feel unwelcome.

Margaret shared a photo book of her son’s memories, but Jessica stumbled upon pictures of her husband with other girls.

Jessica plays a joking game of “Smash or Pass” regarding the pictures, thinking it would be a good way to lighten the mood.

Margaret points out one of the girls as attractive, “And she made a comment saying that his first girlfriend was so pretty and also a Christian.”

Smash, Pass, Smash

As a joke, I said, “Smash” pointing at one of the pictures.” Jessica explained, “Then at another “Pass” and at another “Smash.”

Margaret doesn’t get the humor, so Jessica tried to explain, but Margaret doesn’t see the funny side at all.

Jessica defended her actions and explained that it was all in good fun and without harmful intentions.

Margaret calls out the game as inappropriate, which led to a heated discussion with Jessica where both couldn’t see eye to eye.

What Did Hubs Say?

Jessica’s joke backfires, resulting in a tense situation as Margaret shuts the photo book in disappointment, making Jessica feel bad.

Jessica turned to Reddit to see if she should feel guilty for the joke.

One Reddit user suggested a way of getting back at her, “No. Next time bring an album of her husband’s exes. That way they’ll truly be even.”

Another user decided she did nothing wrong but insisted on a follow-up post, “I desperately need to know what the husband’s reaction was.”

Who do you think was in the wrong here? We want to hear your thoughts.

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