Mother of the Year? She Wants to Cash Out on Late Son’s Apartment, Leaving Pregnant Girlfriend Homeless!

A grieving father rattled Redditors when he called his ex-wife spiteful and selfish because she wanted to sell their late son’s apartment. You won’t even believe who she wanted to leave homeless. Here is the whole story.

Their Son Died in the Line of Duty

OP is a 54-year-old man whose ex-wife is a 52-year-old woman. They have been divorced for more than 15 years.

But times weren’t always bad between OP and his ex, and they had a son who they both loved very much.

Tragically, though, OP’s son died recently at the young age of 22. He was a firefighter and died heroically in the line of duty.

OP’s son left behind a 21-year-old pregnant girlfriend with their first child. Her parents are very conservative and religious, and they booted her from their house when she told them about the baby.

She Never Liked His Pregnant Girlfriend

That’s when OP stepped in to help them buy an apartment of their own. He even talked his ex-wife into helping with the deposit and the first few payments.

OP’s ex never really liked her son’s girlfriend, though, and she was very reluctant to help them buy a place.

After their son died, OP’s ex-wife approached him and wanted to sell the apartment. She thought they should cash out and split the money.

OP wanted no part of selling the place because that meant his son’s girlfriend and unborn child wouldn’t have anywhere to live.

… And Wanted to Sue Her!

A little later, OP’s ex contacted him again and told him she wanted to sue their son’s girlfriend to ensure she didn’t get any of the young man’s money or belongings.

And while they were talking about that, OP’s ex-wife again asked him to sell the apartment.

OP again said no way, but he did offer to buy out his ex-wife’s half of the place. That way, she could have her money, and their son’s girlfriend and baby would still have a place to live.

That’s when OP’s ex-wife laid it on the line for him. She said she didn’t think her son’s girlfriend deserved to have the apartment, and she wanted the girl out.

He Said She Was Spiteful and Selfish

That made OP furious, and he told his ex she was spiteful and selfish. He said she only cared about money and couldn’t believe she would mistreat her grandson before he was born.

OP’s ex couldn’t handle that truth and broke down in tears. She said he was being insensitive to her loss.

OP has no idea how his ex’s loss is connected to selling the apartment. But thanks to a comment from a Redditor, OP found a perfect solution.

OP wanted to hang onto the apartment partly because his son had started decorating the nursery. OP couldn’t bear to lose that little piece of his child.

He Put His Share of the Money in a Trust for His Grandson

So, OP and his son’s girlfriend hired a graphic designer to recreate his son’s artwork in a room at OP’s place. Then, the GF moved in and will stay there until after OP’s grandson is born.

That also allowed OP and his ex to sell the apartment. OP put half of the money from the sale into a savings account for his grandson.

Redditors are heartbroken for OP and hope he can find some peace in helping raise his grandson.

And they almost unanimously think OP’s ex-wife is a petty, small person who cares more about revenge and money than her son’s only child.

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