Mother’s Drop-off Turns Explosive as She Unwittingly Exposes a Twisted Love Triangle in College Condo!

A shocked mother took to Reddit for opinions after she dropped something off at her daughter’s apartment and got an eyeful. What she can’t unsee shook up the lives of three young women. Here is her whole story.

Her Daughter Lives in Their Condo With Two Roommates

OP has a 20-year-old daughter who is a junior in college in the town where she grew up. She lives in a condo that her grandparents owned.

OP inherited the condo from her parents, with the understanding that she would pass it on to her daughter once she’s on her own and financially stable. OP’s husband is on board with that plan, too.

In the meantime, OP’s daughter lives there with two roommates, who are also young women. Because they are the daughter’s friends, OP charges them a token amount for rent.

Recently, OP’s daughter mentioned that she was running low on some household items. But she wasn’t sure when she’d have the time to go shopping.

She Was Dropping off Some Supplies

In addition to her classwork, OP’s daughter works part-time and has been picking up extra shifts lately to cover for low staffing levels.

So OP offered to shop for her daughter and then drop off the purchases at the condo. The young woman was happy to have the help and gladly accepted her mother’s offer.

The next day, OP picked up the supplies that her daughter needed, as planned, and then headed to the condo. She knocked on the front door and let herself in when no one answered.

OP’s daughter had asked her to drop off her purchases in the kitchen, just off the living room. The front door opens into the living room, so OP was just going to walk through, set the items on the counter, and leave.

Her Daughter’s Roommate Was Having Sex…

But OP was stopped dead in her tracks by what she saw in the living room.

On the couch, one of the daughter’s roommates was having sex with a young man. Shocked, OP left the supplies next to the door and bolted back to her car.

OP knew her daughter was in class, so she waited until later to call and tell her she did her shopping as planned. She didn’t mention anything about the roommate because she didn’t want to stir up trouble.

But days later, OP got an angry email from the roommate’s parents, accusing her of invading their daughter’s privacy. They said that, as the landlord, she needed to provide 24 hours’ notice before entering the condo.

… The Boyfriend of the Other Roommate!

In OP’s view, her daughter consented to enter when she agreed that OP should drop off the supplies.

Beyond that technicality, though, OP felt she needed to talk to her daughter about the situation since it had become a hot topic in the house.

It took a while to get time in her daughter’s schedule, but OP eventually got to the truth.

It seems the young man OP had seen on the couch with her daughter’s roommate was actually the boyfriend of the second roommate.

The Whole Truth, and Nothing but the Truth

OP thinks the first roommate unleashed her parents to try and keep the second roommate from discovering. But OP doubts she told them the whole truth.

After the blow-up, the second roommate learned about the cheating, and the two girls have been fighting ever since. The first roommate is moving out, and OP will have the second sign a more formal lease.

OP feels bad that this all turned into a life-changing event, but she doesn’t think she did anything wrong. Her daughter even said she told her roommates that her mom was coming, and they agreed that they knew.

The double-crossing roommate now claims she just forgot that OP was coming by.

Was She in the Wrong?

Redditors nearly unanimously agree with OP that she did nothing wrong. They lay all the blame on the lousy roommate and the cheating boyfriend.

Most think the roommate was trying to save her bacon by blaming the incident on OP. She probably hoped it would all just go away. However, by bringing her parents into the mix, she ironically caused it to explode.

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