“My Best Friend at Work Is Gay”, “Erm, No He Isn’t, He’s My Husband” – She Snarkily Outed Her Husband’s Colleague

A woman divided Redditors after she told her husband’s coworker that he was not her “gay best friend” as she seemed to think. It all played out in a very public forum that left the coworker stunned and embarrassed. Here is the full story.

A Happily Married Bi-Sexual Couple

OP is a bisexual woman who is married to a bisexual man. She says that her husband is effeminate, which leads many people to assume he is gay.

In fact, there have been several occasions during their marriage when OP has explicitly introduced herself as his wife just to let everyone know that her hubby is not gay.

The husband had mentioned to OP on a couple of occasions that one of his coworkers was a little clingy and overbearing. OP thought it sounded like the colleague had a crush on her husband, but it seemed like no big deal.

But then at a work party, OP struck up a conversation with a group of people, and the subject of sexuality came up. OP mentioned that she was bisexual.

“My Best Friend at Work Is Gay”

That sparked a fire with one of the other women in the group, who said that her best friend at work was gay, and she named OP’s husband. 

Just to be sure she heard right, OP asked the other woman to clarify. Sure enough, she was talking about OP’s husband, and OP knew this was the coworker he had complained about.

The whole thing irked OP just enough that she lashed back by telling the other woman that she wasn’t as close to her “best friend” as she thought.

Otherwise, he would have told her that he was bisexual and was married to a woman.

Erm, He’s Married!

The husband’s coworker looked surprised, then asked OP to prove that her friend was both bi and married to a woman. To that, OP simply pointed to her wedding ring.

The rest of the group of people in the conversation burst out laughing. Most of them had known what was coming since they were friends with OP and her husband.

The coworker was clearly humiliated and slinked away into the crowd. OP felt kind of bad for the woman and hadn’t intended to embarrass her.

But after the incident, OP’s husband never complained to her about his clingy coworker again, so the message must have gotten through to her.

Best Friends, Indeed!

OP views it as a stroke of luck that she was able to help improve her husband’s work environment.

But part of OP still feels guilty for making the other woman look bad in front of a group of people. And she admits that her response was a little nasty.

Still, OP thinks the other woman was being presumptuous and pushy with her husband, which is what caused her to snap.

And what OP said was 100% true. According to her husband, he’d never had so much as one serious conversation with the coworker in question. Best friends, indeed!

Was Her Reply Too Snarky?

Reddit commenters seem pretty torn about this situation.

A lot of them think OP was right for putting the other woman in her place, and they applaud her quick and snappy reply.

They say that the woman had no business making assumptions about OP’s husband.

But others think OP was out of line with the snarkiness of her reply. They say there was no reason for her to dismantle the other woman in front of a crowd of people.

They think OP could have pulled the woman aside or just corrected her in a more civil manner.

So, what do you think of this story?

Was OP justified for lashing out at the other woman?

Or was her response unnecessarily harsh?

Did she really need to tell the woman that the man she thought was her best friend was actually not much of a friend at all?

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