My Estranged Late Father’s Wife Was Furious When She Found Out My Grandparents Gave EVERYTHING to Me

A Reddit user turned to the online community to ask if they were in the wrong for laughing at the wife of the man who raised him after he was given everything in the inheritance.

Not His Real Dad

OP revealed that their biological father was not the man who raised them.

OP’s mother and the man who raised them were together from the time OP was six months old until they were seven and had a younger sister together before eventually getting a divorce.

Despite this, the man remained a constant presence in OP’s life and reassured them that they were still his son and that he would always be there for them.

OP loved and admired him greatly and considered him to be their only real father figure, apart from their grandfather, who was the man’s father.

Emotionally Unstable Mom

Following the death of OP’s younger sister, their mother became emotionally unstable and as a result, OP was raised by the man who had raised them as kids.

At the age of 15, OP’s father met his wife, Nat, who had a 3-year-old daughter and a 2-year-old son.

Unfortunately, Nat did not like OP and knew that they were not the man’s biological child. She also disliked how much attention OP received from their grandparents.

Tragic Loss

Nat would frequently bring up the fact that OP was not the man’s real child, and undermined their relationship on multiple occasions.

Nat often referred to OP’s father as a childless parent due to the tragic loss of their younger sister.

She would use this as an opportunity to highlight OP’s non-biological status and insinuate that the father was not a “real” parent.

Kicked Out of the House

Nat also had a habit of interjecting during moments when OP’s grandparents would compare them to their father. On one occasion, her behavior led to her being kicked out of the house.

Nat’s behavior also extended to instances when OP’s father would spend time alone with them. On OP’s 17th birthday, when the father was taking them out for a celebration, Nat complained about him leaving her children behind and made it clear that she did not want OP to be treated as the only child in the house.

Nat asserted that her children would feel left out and unloved. In addition, Nat attempted to find out information about OP’s biological father, which was unsettling for OP and their family.


As a result of Nat’s behavior and the father’s complicity, OP became estranged from their father.

Despite Nat’s disrespectful treatment towards OP and their family, the father chose to remain married to her.

Even when Nat made negative comments about OP receiving gifts from their grandparents and suggested that the money should be spent on younger children, the father sided with Nat.

Caused a Rift

This caused a rift between OP and their father, leading to the breakdown of their relationship.

OP and their father remained estranged until the father’s death last year. Following his passing, OP’s grandparents initiated the legal process to evict Nat and her children from the house.

As owners of the house and other possessions that the father had used, they had never charged him rent and felt that everything should be passed on to OP.

Surprised by the Turn of Events

Nat was surprised by this turn of events and assumed that she would be able to inherit the house and other items that the grandparents had given to the father.

However, when she asked about her children, the grandparents revealed that they had not seen them in years and would not be giving them anything.

When Nat confronted OP about the legal process initiated by their grandparents, OP laughed at her anger towards them.

Expressed Her Frustration

Nat expressed her frustration that OP was getting everything and not sharing it with her children who had lost their only father.

OP continued to laugh and walked away from Nat, who had shown up at their workplace. In response, Nat called OP a fool.

A friend of the father overheard the confrontation and advised OP that it would have been better to walk away without laughing.

It Would Have Hurt Them Too

The friend also pointed out that Nat’s children were also the father’s children and that OP should consider how much the situation must have hurt them.

In this thread, Reddit users empathize with OP and label them as NTA in the situation. However, some users note that Nat’s children are innocent in this situation and did lose a father figure, which should not be discounted.

It is suggested that OP should not direct their anger at Nat’s children, who are not responsible for their mother’s behavior.

Treated Him Poorly

Furthermore, users point out that it is ironic that Nat expected something for her children when she had treated OP so poorly for not being the man’s biological child.

Some users advise OP to set up a trust for the children’s education where Nat cannot access the funds, while others discourage OP from giving anything to Nat.

Despite this, most users agree that it is up to OP’s grandparents to decide who gets what from the estate. Overall, Reddit users support OP’s stance and understand their reaction towards Nat’s behavior.

What do you think? What would you do next as OP?

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