Nepo Baby: Dad Belittles Daughter’s Achievements When Fawning Over Success of Her Friend With Family Advantage

A demanding father drew anger from Redditors after he told his daughter she didn’t measure up to his friend’s daughter. Turns out nepotism has its perks. Here is the whole story.

Comparing Daughters

OP is a 49-year-old man with a 22-year-old daughter who recently graduated from college with an architecture degree.

OP’s best friend has a daughter the same age, and she went to a more prestigious school in California. She also studied architecture.

Both girls did pretty well in school, though OP’s take is that his friend’s daughter did even better than his own.

OP also thinks his daughter tries to coast when she can. And she’s pretty introverted, while his friend’s daughter is outgoing and more charming.

Hired by Her Uncle

Recently, both OP’s daughter and his friend’s daughter applied for a job at the same architecture firm.

The company is owned by the brother of OP’s friend, the other girl’s father.

When the smoke cleared, OP’s daughter did not get a job offer. But the friend’s daughter did get hired by her uncle.

OP’s daughter was pretty upset and disappointed by that outcome, but she was able to move on. Eventually, she got offers from a couple of other companies.

Party Chatter

Not long after the two girls got their job offers, OP and his buddy got their friends together to celebrate the holidays. It was a tradition among old college friends.

During the get-together, OP’s friend and his wife mentioned their daughter’s new job.

On the heels of that conversation, OP saw the two girls talking, and he and his wife took the opportunity to congratulate his friend’s daughter on her new job.

She Blew Up

After the party, OP and his wife and daughter loaded into his car to head back home. The young woman had parked at her parents’ place and was going to return to her apartment from there.

But before she left, OP’s daughter blew up at her parents. She couldn’t believe how much they had made over the friend’s daughter at the party.

OP’s daughter went on to say that she had to work her tail off for every little thing she accomplished. But the other girl had everything handed to her because her uncle owned a company.

Sharing the Nepotism

OP tried to calm his daughter down and reminded her how competitive her field was. He said she should be more diligent in her work if she wanted to succeed.

But OP’s daughter kept up her rant, and she let it slip that the other girl had offered to help her out.

That sounded like an excellent idea to OP, and he told his daughter that she could learn something from his friend’s daughter.

That pretty much ended the conversation, and OP’s daughter has stopped talking to her mother and father.

Reevaluate Life Lessons

OP doesn’t think he said anything wrong, but his younger daughter told him he was way off base.

Redditors pretty much agree with the younger girl. They say that OP is a complete wrong for fawning over his friend’s daughter at the expense of his child.

Many of them point out that the only real thing the other girl could teach OP’s daughter is how to take advantage of blatant nepotism.

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