“NEVER GAG THE AMERICAN PEOPLE!” – Trump Promises Fierce Appeal Against Biden Led “WITCH HUNT”

Donald Trump has openly criticized the gag order imposed on him by a federal judge, sparking concerns that he may have already violated the order on the very day it was issued. Trump’s critique of the order unfolded on his social media platform, Truth Social, raising questions about his commitment to the gag order.

Trump’s Reaction To The Gag Order

Trump shared his immediate reaction to the gag order. “WILL APPEAL THE GAG ORDER RULING. WITCH HUNT!” he declared in one post. In another, he expressed his disdain for the order, stating, “A TERRIBLE THING HAPPENED TO DEMOCRACY TODAY – GAG ORDER!”

His campaign joined the chorus of disapproval, releasing a statement that decried the decision as “an absolute abomination.” 

The statement took an accusatory tone, describing the move as a partisan effort orchestrated by President Joe Biden to silence his leading opponent for the 2024 presidential race.

Trump’s Determination

Trump continued to voice his opposition to the gag order through a fundraising email from his campaign, showing his determination to defy any attempts to silence him. 


The former president addressed a campaign rally in Iowa where he further attacked the gag order, calling it “unconstitutional” and an affront to his right to criticize those he deems “bad people.” 

His impassioned speech drew cheers from his supporters as he vowed to appeal the order.

Comparing Himself to Al Capone

During his speech, Trump compared his legal troubles to those of infamous mobster Al Capone, claiming that he has faced more indictments than the notorious gangster.

He decried the four indictments he is currently facing and drew attention to Capone’s single indictment, despite being a man who “If he didn’t like you, you looked at him a little bit askance, he blew your brains out.”

Judge Tanya Chutkan imposed the gag order. She has expressed her concerns over Trump’s inflammatory comments about her, prosecutor Jack Smith, and others involved in the case. 

Concerns Over Inflammatory Comments

She emphasized that a defendant, even one with presidential aspirations, should not be allowed to vilify prosecutors or encourage violence against public servants merely doing their jobs.

Chutkan’s order prohibits Trump from making statements targeting the special counsel or his staff and extends to any statements publicly targeting court personnel. 

Trump was already under a gag order in New York related to the Stormy Daniels case.

“Necessary and Narrowly-Tailored”

The judge defended her decision, describing it as “necessary and narrowly-tailored.” 

She specified that Trump remains free to claim he is being unfairly prosecuted and can criticize Washington D.C., a city he has previously criticized as a “rat-infested” Democrat stronghold.

Chutkan pointed out that Trump’s criticism of Washington could impact his argument that he can’t receive a fair trial in the city.

American courts generally do not entertain claims of jury bias when a defendant openly criticizes the jury pool in an attempt to manipulate the case’s location or timing.

Trump’s Recent’ Truth Social’ Post

She also referenced a Truth Social post published by Trump just hours before the gag order hearing.

In this post, Trump questioned the impartiality of the judge and prosecutor, labeling them as “Crooked” and “Deranged.” 

Chutkan expressed concerns that without restrictions, such inflammatory posts would lead to continuous legal disputes.

It remains to be seen how this conflict will impact Trump’s potential candidacy in the 2024 presidential race and his legal standing in the ongoing investigations.

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