New Jersey’s Radical Shift: Erasing ‘Male and Female’ From Education – Is It an Assault on Traditional Values?

In a recent development, the New Jersey State Board of Education (NJSBE) has garnered attention for adopting an equity policy that introduces gender-neutral language to education practices across the state. Here’s the whole story.

Introducing Gender-Neutral Language Throughout Educational Regulations

The equity policy, known as the Managing For [Equality and] Equity in Education policy, aims to ensure that all students, regardless of race, sexual orientation, or gender identity, have equal access to educational activities and programs provided by district boards of education.

The policy emphasizes the importance of fostering a fair, just, and impartial educational environment for all individuals.

Introducing gender-neutral language throughout educational regulations is a notable aspect of this policy change.

This shift aims to create an educational environment that respects and acknowledges the gender identity and expression of all students.

Parents’ Rights Advocates Voiced Their Concerns About the Changes, Expressing Worries About the Potential Implications for Girls’ Educational Opportunities

One specific change involves substituting “minority, female, and male” with the more inclusive term “all students.”

This alteration reflects a broader movement towards using language encompassing the entire student population without making assumptions based on gender categories.

Adopting gender-neutral language has not been without its share of controversies and debates.

During the adoption process, parents’ rights advocates voiced their concerns about the changes, expressing worries about the potential implications for girls’ educational opportunities.

Removing Specific Gender Terms Might Undermine the Rights and Protections of Biological Girls

Some argued that removing specific gender terms might undermine the rights and protections of biological girls.

In response to these concerns, the NJSBE emphasized that the changes were designed to align with the principles of equity and inclusivity.

The board clarified that the goal was to eliminate gendered nouns and pronouns from educational regulations while promoting an environment that upholds the rights and protections of all students, regardless of their gender identity.

The NJSBE clarified that these changes do not require local school districts to adopt gender-neutral language or alter their curriculum; instead, they focus on creating standardized language in state regulations.

“That Has Nothing To Do With Equity”

Several social media users shared their views on the incident.

One Twitter user wrote, “That has nothing to do with equity.”

Another user added, “That’s nice, but can they teach them to read, write, and do math now?”

A third user commented, “How do you say, “All students will stand up when they pee”?  Just saying, males and females are different.”

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