“Died Suddenly” – The New Medical ‘Phenomenon’ That Has Embalmers Divided

In recent years, embalmers worldwide have reported an unusual and perplexing phenomenon during the embalming process. Some claim to have observed the presence of long, rubbery, white masses within the blood vessels, a phenomenon that had not been encountered previously.

A Discrepancy Among Embalmers

The reports of these strange white clots have sparked a divide among embalmers and funeral directors globally, with some asserting the existence of this phenomenon while others vehemently dismiss it as baseless.

To gain insight into this discrepancy, The Epoch Times conducted a comprehensive investigation, reaching out to embalmers and funeral directors worldwide to gather their perspectives on the matter.

Among those who affirm the existence of these white, fibrous clots is an Oklahoma mortician, who stated that embalmers at their funeral home encountered this anomaly multiple times during the past two years.

A Skeptical Minority

A Pennsylvania funeral director also corroborated these claims, emphasizing that it had been a topic of discussion within their company. Intriguingly, those who have come across these white masses admit they are at a loss for a plausible explanation.

The sudden appearance of this phenomenon in 2021 has left embalmers puzzled, speculating about possible underlying causes.

On the other hand, a vocal minority of embalmers, particularly in Canada, Australia, and the U.K., contend that they have never encountered these white, fibrous clots in the bodies they have embalmed.

They categorically dismiss the reports as “nonsense” and even suggest a connection to unfounded conspiracy theories.

Potential Links to COVID-19 

The divide over these white clots appears to have geographical patterns. Responses from embalmers in the United States, Canada, and New Zealand reveal a consistent narrative of encountering these peculiar fibrin masses since 2021.

Speculation abounds regarding the potential connection between these clots and the COVID-19 pandemic or the COVID-19 vaccines.

Dr. Ryan Cole, an Idaho pathologist, adds his voice to the discussion.

He highlights that normal post-mortem blood clots are typically red and jelly-like, emphasizing that white and rubbery clots are unprecedented.

International Survey

Retired U.S. Air Force Maj. Thomas Haviland conducted an international survey among funeral homes, aiming to gather more data about these white fibrin clots.

His findings revealed a significant number of embalmers who have encountered these clots since 2021.

While Haviland’s survey did not mention COVID-19 or vaccines, several respondents implicated the COVID-19 vaccines as a potential cause of these white clots, while others defended the vaccines.

According to Haviland, the majority of embalmers have reported the emergence of these white, fibrous clots in the year 2021.

A Need for Further Study

They have observed these clots in a substantial percentage of corpses, with some cases exceeding 50 percent.

The Epoch Times independently verified Haviland’s survey findings by contacting embalmers and funeral directors who participated in the survey.

While some confirmed the presence of these white clots, others denied encountering them.

This information has been circulated by the makers of the documentary called “Died Suddenly.”

In it, they bring awareness to the same white fibers embalmers are finding and point out the increase in incidents where people died unexpectedly.

The Road Ahead

Embalmers who have observed these white clots stress the importance of conducting further research into this phenomenon.

They highlight the sporadic nature of the clots and the need for a comprehensive investigation.

Official organizations, such as the CDC and FDA, have yet to comment on the issue. The National Funeral Directors Association (NFDA) maintains that embalmers lack the expertise to draw conclusions about the potential link between these clots and COVID-19 vaccines.

They emphasize the importance of reporting such findings to local health officials for systematic tracking, highlighting the need for further scientific exploration into this enigmatic phenomenon.

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