New York City’s Response to Tropical Storm Questioned: Mayor Adams Criticized for Handling of Warning and Aftermath

New York City is being battered by a Tropical Storm, with parts of it already submerged in water, but where was Mayor Adams when a warning should’ve been issued? We reveal all as New York residents blast Adams.

New York City braces for a torrential downpour as Tropical Storm Ophelia delivers a parting punch, drenching the city with up to seven inches of rain.

In a move to safeguard citizens, Governor Kathy Hochul declared a state of emergency encompassing New York City, Long Island, and the Hudson Valley. 

She implores everyone to take safety measures, “Please take steps to stay safe and remember to never attempt to travel on flooded roads.”

A Huge Delay

Mayor Eric Adams, though delayed in addressing the flooding, urged New Yorkers to exercise extreme caution, advising them to stay at home or seek safe havens. He forewarns the city could face a staggering eight inches of rainfall before the day concludes.

The torrential rainfall, raging at a rate of one to two inches per hour, wreaked havoc on the morning commutes of millions. 

Social media buzzes with distressing visuals of flooded subway stations and stranded buses, particularly impacting Brooklyn and Queens.

A Staggering Downpour

Brooklyn received a staggering month’s worth of rain—four inches—within just three hours. The relentless downpour leaves some parts of the city inundated with up to five inches by 11 am. Subway services are severely disrupted, leaving hundreds stranded.

Mayor Adams faces backlash for his belated response and failure to issue timely warnings, especially after hosting a fundraising event the night before.

When Mayor Adams finally issued warnings, social media users screamed, “’Too little too late,” as the city was already submerged in water.

Not Done Yet

The downpour was expected to persist into Saturday, drenching the tri-state area. The National Weather Service issued a dire warning, labeling the situation “dangerous and life-threatening.” 

“We have notified NYC using various social media channels. Commissioner has been speaking about this yesterday…All the necessary precautions were taken” Adams said in response to the criticism.

An Onslaught of Rainfall

Commissioner Zach Iscol deemed Friday as the “wettest day” since Hurricane Ida struck the city. The areas spanning Central New Jersey to the Hudson Valley are bracing for an onslaught of rainfall.

Flood rescue teams were swiftly deployed to the Hudson Valley and Long Island by Governor Hochul’s office. 

The potential flood threat evokes haunting memories of Hurricane Ida, emphasizing the need for swift action.

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