Newly Dating: Gender Transition Journey Goes From Public to Guarded Secret – Until His Cousin Accidentally Outs Him!

Bobby was in a tough spot after a chat with a buddy. He had shared something he thought was common knowledge about his cousin and was grappling with the fallout. Did Bobby cross a line, or was it all an innocent mistake? Let’s find out.

Breakup and Unexpected Love

A week ago, Bobby, a 22-year-old guy, had a talk with a friend. This friend was sad because his girlfriend had broken up with him.

Now, here’s where it gets interesting: that same girlfriend started dating Bobby’s cousin, a 24-year-old guy.

Bobby thought the whole thing was kind of funny and laughed about it.

While they were chatting, Bobby mentioned something he thought was no big deal.

The Startling Revelation

He said this was the first time his cousin had dated a girl since he transitioned from being a girl to a boy about four years earlier.

His friend looked super surprised. Why? He had no idea Bobby’s cousin was trans.

This was weird to Bobby. After all, his friend and his cousin had worked together at a restaurant for two years, and from all the stories, they seemed extremely close.

Public Transition Journey

Bobby’s cousin was very open about his journey of changing from a girl to a boy. He shared a lot about it on Instagram.

He posted about taking testosterone and even showed a picture after a big surgery on his chest.

With both of them using the website a lot, Bobby thought for sure his friend had seen these posts. Plus, the account was public for anyone to see. If you looked up his cousin’s name, there it was.

Homophobic Backlash 

But things got messy. A few days after their chat, Bobby’s phone rang.

It was his cousin, and he was furious! Turns out, Bobby’s friend had told many people about the cousin being trans.

Worse still, some homophobic folk had started giving his cousin a hard time because of it. 

Bobby was shocked. He tried to explain. He told his cousin he thought everyone already knew, especially since all the stuff was on Instagram for everyone to see.

Deleting the Truth

But his cousin dropped a bombshell: he had deleted that Instagram account some months back.

Their talk got heated, and they argued about things sticking around forever once they’re online, and how Bobby’s cousin never told him he wanted to keep his transition a secret.

Now, Bobby’s in deep trouble. His aunt is furious at him. Many other family members are, too. He and his cousin aren’t talking at all.

Missing Grandma’s Funeral

To make things even sadder, their grandmother passed away. And because his cousin is so upset with Bobby, he’s decided not to go to the funeral!

Bobby felt terrible. Was he wrong to share that information about his cousin? He asked Reddit, as the guilt was eating him up. 

Redditors didn’t think Bobby was intentionally in the wrong. They agreed that he hadn’t meant to cause harm and thought that his cousin had led Bobby to believe he was out and open because of the Instagram account. Many agreed that it was an honest accident.

Owed an Apology

However, they did think Bobby was in the wrong for how he had acted after his cousin told him how his actions impacted him and the harm they had caused.

One user said, “You should have apologized, asked how you can support him, and tell those transphobes to shut the hell up. If you want to be in a community with trans people, you gotta be willing to listen without defence and step up when they’re being attacked.”

Mistakes are a part of life and don’t reflect your character – it’s how you deal with the consequences that make all the difference.

So, here’s the big question: Did Bobby do something wrong? Was he the bad guy in this story? What do you think?

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